Affordable Things From 20-30 Years Ago That Are Now Luxuries

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Meal in the airplane.

Yeah, So About The Price Of Those Movie Tickets.

You've probably heard one person or another from an older generation rap off an overused sentiment about how they remember the olden golden days from their past. Like when movie tickets and an ice cream cone from their favorite ice cream parlor were but a whopping 30 cents total or whatever. Well, clearly we're not living in that reality anymore

Yes, there are countless things that a mere couple of decades ago have gone on to evolve into full-fledged, "treat yourself" luxuries. This AskReddit thread has folks coming out of the woodwork to shine a frustrated light on things that once reasonably priced, have now gone the opposite direction. 


Farmers' Markets Are Not To Be Taken Lightly.

You've got to proceed with the utmost caution upon entering a farmers' market. The costs of locally sourced/produced veggies and fruits and other miscellaneous items has skyrocketed through the roof. 


You'd Think It Would Be The Other Way Around.

This whole conundrum almost gives off the same kind of vibe as certain tech products from well known companies that almost seem to have built-in devices, which guarantee that they'll stop operating at a necessary capacity after a certain (not long enough) amount of time has passed. 

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Family Vacations Can Run A Real Number On That Bank Account.

Naturally, resorts near and far are aware of what they're doing, and it's most definitely not cool. 


Yeah, That's Royalty Status.

If you've ever been on one of those divine flights where the odds did indeed seem to be forever in your favor, and you actually found yourself with a whole row of seats to yourself, and yourself alone, you'll know how precious that can feel. Nowadays, the total cost to pull off such a move would be devastating. 


Lobsters Are In A Class Of Their Own.

If you're out at a restaurant and you see someone going for the lobster, you know that they're either in financial cruise control, or they've just stopped caring about those financials altogether. 


It Shouldn't Be Like This.

Yet, here we are. It has to partly be the result of the ongoing ever increasing rush to massively increase the total output of products deliverable to new consumers, while managing to stay at least a toenail ahead of the competition. Naturally, the quality of each product is going to suffer. 

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It Hurts More Every Time.

The cost of rent in some of these bigger cities continues to soar to nothing short of apocalyptic heights. 


Not The Pork Belly.

Yeah, it will be everything in all those grocery stores soon enough. 


Okay, So This Person Didn't Hold Back.

And now, a moment of nostalgic silence for the days since passed.