9 Incredibly Out-Of-Touch Things Rich People Say That Will Make Your Blood Boil

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Illustration of rich man
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Let Them Eat Cake

You’d think that rich people would be a little more self-aware. But then they go and do things like the "Imagine" video, and it hits you — they really don't get it. It's the same old tone-deaf story

Just look at this list Redditors put together, full of wild, out-of-touch suggestions and comments from the rich. We’ve compiled the worst of the worst, some of which are so ignorant that they make Marie Antoinette look like a woman of the people.

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1. 'Ask Your Maid'

Let’s say you have to drop your car off at the shop, so you let your boss know you’ll be a little late. Well, that doesn’t even compute for some rich people, according to one Redditor who said their boss suggested their maid drop the car off. News flash: Most people run errands and clean up themselves!

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2. 'Pay Cash for Your Home'

Apparently the moneyed don’t realize that most people don’t have $600,000 stashed away to drop on a starter home. Multiple Redditors shared stories about rich folks who didn’t understand “why people get big mortgages.” Listen, guys: We wouldn’t be paying 6% interest if we didn’t have to.

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6. 'You’ve Never Vacationed in France?'

Some well-to-do fool expressed disbelief that one commenter had “never vacationed in the south of France.” Not only is that a wild statement; but it’s also just plain ignorant.

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7. 'NHL Players Don’t Make That Much Money'

In 2022, retired professional hockey player Chris Pronger posted a truly “tone-deaf” thread on X (formerly known as Twitter) that argued hockey players don’t make that much money. The long and the short of it? Being a pro NHL player costs a lot of money, so take-home pay isn’t as high as it might seem. OK, point taken. But come on! Some of these guys are making $110,000 per point, which is enough dough to pay for agents, taxes, health insurance, and then some.

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8. 'Don’t Rent; Just Buy an Apartment Building'

One rich woman had an incredible idea for a Redditor who struggled to pay rent: Just “buy a triplex and rent the other units”! The only problem is that people who can’t afford rent can’t get approval for a $1 million loan.

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9. 'If Gas Is Too Expensive, Buy an Electric Car'

Using similarly flawed logic, one clueless rich person advised buying an electric car if “gas prices are too high,” according to a Redditor. One thing is for sure: Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t mean you’re smart.