Massages and Fancy Cheeses: Penny-Pinching Redditors Share Their 9 Most Extravagant Habits And Expenses

Restore balance to your whole body and mind


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Restore balance to your whole body and mind

Spendy Habits

If you spend time on Reddit’s r/frugal forum, you might start to feel guilty for all the little treats you enjoy throughout the week. I mean, these are real penny-pinchers — the kind who’ll reuse a Ziploc bag, cut their own hair, and water down their milk to save a few bucks. But a recent thread reveals that even the biggest cheapskates have a few indulgent habits and expenses. Here are nine of frugal Redditors’ most extravagant expenses.

Workout with male personal trainer in health club

Personal Trainer

You’d think that thrifty Redditors would pump iron at the cheapest local gym — no matter how grimy. But one commenter says that they pay “an extortionate amount” for a premium personal trainer, spending more than four times the going rate. Even so, they say it’s worth it; they’ve been pain-free for the past seven years.

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Multiple Redditors say that they splurge on massages, with one commenter writing that they’re “so worth it” for the “many health and wellness benefits.” And if a massage is out of your price range, someone suggests you treat yourself to a “poor man’s massage," aka a session with a foam roller.

Different cheeses on the counter of a small store at the Aligre Market. Paris, France

Fancy Cheeses

If there’s one thing we could all learn from the French, it’s the ability to pause and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, including a round of top-shelf Camembert. Even the stingiest Redditors know this. One commenter writes that good cheese (and coffee) make a “world of difference.” “If you have a Trader Joe's near you, their fancy cheese is fantastic and usually very comparable in quality but less costly than Whole Foods,” a Redditor adds.

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Warm green tea on a wooden table.

Premium Teas

Speaking of life’s simple pleasures, have you ever enjoyed a cup of premium green tea? One Redditor swears it’s worth spending $30 to $40 more than grocery store tea, writing that a premium brew is “noticeably more delicious in so many ways.” They recommend shopping online for Ikkyu tea, though “any loose leaf sencha you find sourced from Japan is miles beyond” what you’ll find at the store.

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Young Korean Male Client Trying On Formal Leather Shoes At Men's Clothing Store


For some on r/Frugal, comfortable premium shoes are a necessity because of health issues like rheumatoid arthritis and plantar fasciitis. One commenter writes that “supportive shoes are invaluable,” especially when you’re suffering from joint pain.

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Travel came up throughout the thread, with some sharing that vacationing is the reason they’re frugal in the first place. So save up those credit card miles and tighten your belts now. The payoff, Redditors say, is worth it.

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Young woman with face mask holding and looking at toilet paper pack in store

Paper Towels

One tight-fisted Redditor swears that their one splurge is to buy premium Viva-brand paper towels — and even then, they say that they use them “very sparingly.” If fancy paper towels truly are your biggest indulgence — and you’re not completely strapped for cash — we have a suggestion for you: Treat yourself once in a while!

Strawberries at a farmer's market

Fresh Fruit

It’s indicative of how expensive groceries have become that Redditors consider fresh fruit a spendy item. “Whenever I fantasize about what I’d do if I won the lottery, one of the first things I think about is eating as many raspberries as I want,” a Redditor shares.