PSA: Pets Feel The Heat, Too! Here's How To Cool Off Your Pet This Summer

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Hot Dogs and Cool Cats

When you're trying to keep cool on a hot summer day, don't forget your pets. Because they can't tell us, sometimes it's hard to know if your dog or cat is overheated, something that can be dangerous for pets and humans alike. 

There are tons of relatively simple ways to make sure your fur baby stays safe this season, and these Redditors have some great ideas. While most of these tips are aimed at dogs, we know that cats, bunnies, birds, and other pets need to be kept cool; this info can apply to them as well. 

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Walk Early and Late

Redditors suggest shifting your dog's walk times to very early or late to beat the midday heat. Make daytime bathroom breaks short — under 15 minutes — and beware of hot pavement, which can burn a dog's paws in minutes. A general rule of thumb: If you touch your hand to the pavement and you can't hold it there for a couple minutes, it's too hot for your dog to walk on.

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Invest In a Dog Pool

Whether you grab a kiddie pool or decide to buy one just for dogs, offering a place for doggos to splash and cool off is a summertime must. It's also adorable to watch.

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Get the Fans Going

Multiple Redditors say they turn fans on for their pups, a cheap and efficient way to cool down. Most smart dogs will simply spend their days laying in front of one, perfectly content.

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Provide Indoor Mental Toys

Redditors suggest focusing on mental stimulation when getting physical exercise is just too dangerous in the heat. Kongs, snuffle mats, and treat puzzles can all keep pups busy.

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Make Cold Treats

One Redditor makes dog ice pops with bone broth and frozen veggies that they keep in small trays, ready to go. Other commenters mention everything from soaking and freezing rope toys to offering frozen carrots or berries.

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Chillz Dog Cooling Mat
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Create a Shady Spot

Another commenter suggests setting up sails or a tarp with bark chips underneath as a spot for a pup to cool down under. You could also buy this SolarTec Pet Cot from Costco, which shades from the sun as well as keeps your dog elevated off the hot ground. 

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Do Indoor Activities

A Redditor says there's a local brewery near them where dogs can come inside with their owners. Though restaurants that allow such a thing can be few and far between, many malls also permit dogs to come in for walks. Or you can visit dog-friendly stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, and Petco with your furry friend.

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