mashed potatoes with boursin cheese

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Thanksgiving Tok has officially arrived: The side of TikTok where users share recipes, hacks, and even decoration inspo for Turkey Day, and what a glorious subsection of the app it is. 

Just behind turkey, mashed potatoes are pretty much the star of Thanksgiving. But we have to admit: We have fallen into a bit of a rut with them. It's the same old song and dance year after year. Boil potatoes. Mash them up. Add butter, milk, salt and pepper. Blah blah blah. It can become pretty, well, BLAH. 

Enter Thanksgiving Tok with a deliciously creative twist on mashed potatoes courtesy of user @gigsup.

screenshot of mashed potato hack tiktokPhoto credit: TikTok / gigsup

To make the ultimate mashed potatoes, the TikToker suggests dumping an entire thing of Garlic & Fine Herbs Boursin cheese in your taters. If you're not privy to the magic that is Boursin cheese, it's a soft and creamy cheese akin to cream cheese and it teems with flavorful herbs. 

If you're someone who puts cream cheese in your mashed potatoes for that extra-creamy texture, this hack will achieve something similar, but with flavor-bomb flare.

screenshot of tiktok mashed potato hack videoPhoto credit: TikTok / gigsup

When it comes to method, the TikToker takes a bit of a perplexing approach here. Instead of mashing the potatoes first, apparently you dump that Boursin bomb right in with the boiled and drained taters.

screenshot of tiktok mashed potato hackPhoto credit: TikTok / gigsup

Here's where we would've been off the hook if we didn't trust our own culinary experience to tell us this hack is a good idea. We never see the potatoes get mashed, and we were never shown the end result. Still, we plan entirely on executing this in our kitchens come November 23 because it sounds 100% mouthwatering.

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We all but ran to the comments section expecting to see a flood of outrage over the lack of the final product being shown, but were instead pleasantly surprised by some other suggestions on how to use Boursin cheese. Add it to your ricotta mixture next time you bake a lasagna, sneak it into your alfredo sauce, or throw it into your macaroni and cheese. Oof. We might have just added 3 separate packages of Boursin to our grocery order.

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