Taco Bell Late Night Hours


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Taco Bell's menu is constantly evolving and changing, so much so that it's turned into a fast-food roulette every time you pull up to the drive-thru. Will that million-calorie, quadruple XL burrito fried with cheese on the outside of the tortilla still be up for grabs? Are nacho fries there to grace your tastebuds? Is the Mexican Pizza really safe this time? Who knows. With such an inventive menu, even the workers at Taco Bell have started experimenting with new dishes, and subsequently, a TB take on mac and cheese was spotted on TikTok, leaving commenters eager to try it themselves.

@mama_breee Draft mac and cheese made from the cinnamon twists #tacobell ♬ original sound - Bre Dominguez

In the viral video, a Taco Bell employee was eating mac and cheese he created out of the fast-food joint's cinnamon twists and some shredded cheese. If you're wondering how crispy, deep-fried, cinnamon sugar-coated spirals with cheese on it could pass for mac and cheese, stay with us. 

The worker didn't use the cinnamon twists you're used to getting with your cravings boxes. Apparently, those crispy cinnamon bites of heaven are made with spiraled pasta. The pasta is deep-fried and then tossed in the cinnamon sugar coating. Who knew?

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All the viral video making its rounds on TikTok, shows is the finished product — leaving viewers to wonder how to get there. So we did a little digging and found out. 

Basically, you have to boil the noodles (shocking, right?) andm once cooked, stir in shredded cheese. That's it? Really? No nacho cheese sauce? No fire sauce for some heat? While commenters were emphatically expressing a desire to see this mac and cheese added to the menu lineup, we're thinking it's probably a little too plain as is to keep up with the likes of cheesy fiesta potatoes. 

@rubybest_ How to make TacoBell Mac and cheese with @anthonyprince428 #fyp #ceoofmacandcheese second dumbest thing I’ve posted #macandcheese ♬ Funky Town - The Dance Queen Group
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