Crazy Taco Bell Menu Items Dreamed Up by Superfans

Taco Bell

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Taco Bell
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If You Can Dream It …

Taco Bell food has a certain je ne sais quois that's impossible to replicate. Tacos at home, even made with Taco Bell-branded ingredients from the supermarket, don't even come close. So it's no surprise that superfans on Reddit relish the idea of having a more robust Taco Bell menu to choose from. One fan asked r/TacoBell, "If you could invent a new Taco Bell item what would it be??" and though the concoctions dreamed up range from drool-worthy to head-scratching, there are some memorable inventions that superfans probably wish Taco Bell would create.

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Rachel Kelly/istockphoto

Vive la Difference

"KFC/Taco Bell mix up poutine with KFC gravy and nacho fries/fried cheese curds."

Canadian fast-food joints have poutine, and America has dual KFC and Taco Bell locations. Put the two together and voila, deliciousness.

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Taste of Mexican Food is delicious.

Mission Burrito

"Taco Bell’s Cali Love burrito - steak, nacho fries, guac, cheese, and pico de gallo."

It's like carne asada fries shoved into a huge tortilla, and we're here for it.

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Taco Bell Mini Mexican Pizza
Paras V./Yelp

Pizza Blanca Mexicana

"A 'white pizza'. On 2 pizza shells. Inside: a small scoop of refried beans and a scoop of chicken. Top: Baja sauce instead of pizza sauce. Three cheese blend plus tomatoes, onions, (pico if they still had it). Steam until so melty."

Taco Bell is testing two new Mexican pizza variations, so this idea doesn't seem so far fetched.

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Mission Burrito

Pork, Please

"Second coming of the grilled stuft burrito. Reintroduce it with fajita carnitas (shredded pork, grilled onions and peppers), pintos, rice, sour cream, three cheese blend, tomatoes and guac."

A shredded pork option like carnitas sounds amazing, and might give Chipotle a run for its money.

Savory pancake stack, tex mex style
Angelika Heine/istockphoto

Holy Guacamole

"Taco Cake. Tortilla topped with beef mixed with nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheese, pico, and hot sauce. Repeat till you have 3 layers. Smear top layer with more nacho cheese and pile with shredded cheese, bake till edges are crispy. Top with sour cream, guac, and hot sauce."

Imagine cutting into one of those bad boys for a birthday!

Delicious chimichanga with sour cream and guacamole on top

So Simple, and Yet …


This idea should be easy to do, in theory: Just throw a burrito into the deep fryer and you end up with a chimichanga. The problem would probably be keeping the burrito closed in the fryer, and keeping the fryer oil clean. Still, it sounds amazing.

Food truck, taqueria

Picky Eater's Dream

"DIY Tacos. Completely custom, app only item. Pay for exactly what you want. Start with nothing. You choose the shell/wrap, which are priced accordingly, and then the fillings and sauces. Meats are these prices. Rice is this price. Cheese and lettuce are free. One sauce is free. And so on."

Though everyone loves customization and getting exactly what they want, we're not sure fast-food employees would appreciate this idea, seeing as it might create a lot more work.

Apple cinnamon Pizza

Dessert, Please

"The old 80s cinnamon Crispas with 2 portions laid out in a pizza box topped with the apple empanada filling and drizzled with the Cinnabon glaze."

A giant apple pie dessert pizza sounds amazing.

Elephant Ears

Taco Bell Bakery

"Back when they still had cinnamon twists we used to get a custom item we named the 'cinnachalupa'. Basically an elephant ear...fry the chalupa shell flat and cover with cinnamon and sugar. Once or twice the employees let us into the lobby after closing and made us a big tray of 6 cinnachalupas before we even asked for them. Oh man those were the days."

Do you know how much money customers would pay for fresh elephant ears at 2 a.m.?

Mexican Food Shrimp Burrito With Lime Wedges

Surf and Turf

"Shrimp and bacon burrito with roasted jalapeños. White rice, citrus salsa inside. Along with some avocado…maybe a little black beans."

Though that burrito sounds amazing, it's hard to say whether it would be amazing at Taco Bell.

Focus on 7 Layer Dip on Napkin

Unholy 7-Layer Dip

"7 Layer Baja Blast: A large freeze cup with Baja freeze in the bottom, then red sauce, refried beans, nacho cheese, guacamole, chipotle sauce, and sour cream."

Absolutely not.