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Customizing a pizza when you order one is a given unless you only eat plain cheese. But Taco Bell serves up just one option when it comes to its Mexican pizza, a slight that the chain appears poised to fix.

Taco Bell is testing not one but two variations of its Mexican pizza being tested at stores in two U.S. cities. And like many of the chain's test items, if they prove to be a hit, then you might be able to order them the next time you're craving a Mexican pizza.

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Taco Bell fans in Oklahoma City can get their hands on the cheesy jalapeno Mexican pizza. It's the standard, drool-worthy favorite, full of beans, beef, and crispy tostada shells, but with nacho cheese sauce and pickled jalapeno slices on top. If there's a Taco Bell item that isn't improved by nacho cheese, I haven't found it, so this is presumably delicious if a little uninspired.

Customers in Omaha, Nebraska, though, can order up the triple crunch Mexican pizza, which sounds like it was developed for stoners, by stoners (as if the entire Taco Bell menu isn't already). It's a Mexican pizza but bigger, with three crunchy tostada shells and double the beef and bean filling. It's like upgrading your boring turkey sandwich to a majestic triple-decker club.

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If you're lucky enough to live in one of the test markets, you can get the cheesy jalapeno version for about $5, and the beefier triple crunch for about $6. If you don't live in OKC, you can still cobble together a version of the cheesy jalapeno Mexican pizza by adding jalapenos and nacho cheese sauce to a Mexican pizza in the customization menu when you order. It'll probably cost you more that the test version, but it's one way to get your teeth around it before your friends do.

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