Popular place to eat, Taco Bell Drive-through at dusk in Roseburg, Oregon


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Judging by the childish behavior of some fully-grown adults, fast-food etiquette lessons apparently need to be a thing. 

Following a recent incident where a couple of manchildren destroyed a Popeyes restaurant over missing jalapeños, a video has now gone viral on TikTok of a man shouting at Taco Bell employees through the drive-thru speaker. Seriously, what is it with people? 

(Warning: The video contains strong language not suitable for all fast-food fans.)

In the video, which appears to begin mid-temper tantrum, the driver shouted, “Why don’t you come out with your own eyes and take a f****ing look" through the speaker, which didn't exactly fall on deaf ears. 

As the customer continued to hurl expletives and raise his voice, employees bit back, holding their own and in our opinion, surpassing the irate driver in wit. At one point, the employee said, “Sir, common sense would tell you to drive up … but, hey, common sense isn’t that common," and we cackled. 

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The video cut off with the driver aggressively and repeatedly shouting "F*** you!" and while we're assuming he probably drove off shortly after without a bag full of Locos tacos, we can't actually confirm. If he did pull around to the window to receive his late-night snack, though, we really want to see the footage of that uncomfortable encounter.

If you somehow think that the human beings working at fast-food restaurants are not, in fact, people just like you and the rules of decent human interaction don't apply there, please take a seat and grow up. Or, you can try your hand at disrespecting fast-food workers and maybe you'll stumble upon some with a sharper tongue than yours like this, um, gentleman did.

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