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Sometimes, when you’re not sure of an answer, it’s helpful to turn to … well, everybody. Reddit is the place for that, with different subreddits devoted to just about anything you can think of. That goes for money-saving tips, too.

There are a ton of excellent Reddit rabbit holes to head down for financial advice, so if frugal living is something you seek, take a look at these 10 subreddits — all of which are designed to help you save your hard-earned cash.

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On r/budgetfood, users share recipes and a mountain of cooking tips, all designed around maximizing bang for your buck when you’re cooking at home. You'll also find topics revolving  around food banks and grocery sales.


Of all the finance subreddits, there aren’t many more wide-ranging or all-encompassing than r/Frugal. From food tips to mattress reviews to quality-of-life products, there’s a lot to digest. If Reddit is the front page of the internet, r/Frugal is the front page of Reddit’s money-saving community.


If you’re gonna drop some money on something, it’s nice to know how long it will last. Check up on the life expectancy of your next big purchase on r/BuyItForLife, or just come to get inspired.


With a focus on financial advice for low-income individuals, r/poveryfinance is another solid money-saving subreddit. Users seem to go out of their way to make each other feel seen in their financial struggles, and as far as most of the internet goes, that’s a nice change of pace.


Anybody looking to save money on travel could benefit from a little bit of time scrolling through these travel deals. Saving up for a trip to your dream destination? An airline might be having a sale for flights soon, and r/traveldeals is where you’ll find out about it.


Why buy something you can make yourself? From insulating a radiator to cheap shed ideas, any question you’ll ever have about your DIY projects can be answered on r/DIY.

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People givin’ stuff away is what r/free is all about. Classic.


The subreddit r/couponing is a great resource for all things discounted; you might end up learning there’s more to couponing than you ever expected. Hitting stores prepared and in the right way can actually be one of the best personal finance tools you have.


By and for students, r/studentfood is a banger for anybody in college. Frozen pizzas, tostadas, you name it; there’s a bounty of cheap recipes here. Where was this when I was in college?

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