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Do you love ordering elaborate drinks at Starbucks that aren't listed on the menu? If you're nodding, your barista likely has a bone to pick with you. 

Starbucks workers recently aired their grievances on Reddit over the most frustrating "secret menu" orders that customers often request — and how they can make baristas' lives a bit easier.

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"Listen, I love making things y'all come up with," one user said, explaining that though some of the drinks are really good, the majority of the recipes come from social media, and the barista likely has no idea how to make it. "Please, please understand that we most likely have not seen the Facebook post, TikTok, etc, and will need you to tell us how to make it," the user wrote.  

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"Had a lady ask for a 'cotton candy frap' and when we were like 'Uhhh, we don’t offer a cotton candy frap …' she cut us off before we could offer recommendations and got really short," one barista wrote, describing how said customer appeared annoyed that the baristas did not know how to make her order at first.

“UGH, VANILLA BEAN FRAP WITH 5 PUMPS RASPBERRY," the customer replied, seemingly irritated. "How hard is it to just say that from the beginning?" the barista wrote. 

“It’s called the secret menu because it’s a secret to us!" another barista said jokingly.

You'll also want to make sure the drink you've seen is available in the country that you're in.

"If you're going to order something you saw online, please make sure it exists in the country you are currently in. I've had so many people try to order Frappuccinos from the UK or Japan or wherever, just because a random article or Snapchat "foodie" mentioned it, but neglected to mention that it is region specific," one user wrote.

"Do not get mad at me when I can't make it, because I legitimately do not have the ingredients."

So, the next time you're scrolling through our definitive ranking of the best Starbucks secret menu items or social media and come across another customized Starbucks drink that looks too good not to try, be sure to know what the ingredients are before you go to place your order. And don't forget to tip.

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