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The only problem with Costco’s airy, flaky, golden-brown croissants is that you have to buy them by the dozen. However delicious they are, that’s far too much butter and dough for one person to eat before they lose their springiness and get all gummy. And so they inevitably end up in the trash. But one TikTok user has found a way to reclaim — even upgrade — stale Costco croissants.

In a viral video created by @eatsbyrachel, the pastries are sliced in half and transformed into twice-baked almond croissants. If that sounds elaborate, that’s because it is. The video is less of a hack than a full-blown recipe — she has you make homemade frangipane (almond cream) — but the end result looks so delicious that it’s worth sharing.

By the end, you’ll have turned your musty, old croissants into chocolate-filled almond croissants that look fit for an artisanal bakery. And we’d wager that this recipe works even if the croissants aren’t stale, so it’s perfect for home chefs who enjoy zhuzhing up pre-made products.

That said, it’s understandable if you’re not willing to spend an entire morning cooking and baking just to save a few stale croissants.

A few easier alternatives include:

  • Freezing your croissants: Costco croissants freeze well. Simply heat them up in the air fryer, oven, or microwave.

  • Moistening your croissants: Moisten the outside of your croissant with running water (it should be moist, not wet). Bake the moistened croissant in an air fryer or oven at 300 degrees for a few minutes.

  • Making bread pudding: This recipe from The Guardian turns stale pastries into bread pudding with just a few ingredients.

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