Yellow Spirit Jet at Airport


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You can patch just about anything with a little bit of duct tape, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. If you're asking the internet where that line might be, "airplane wings" is the answer. 

A TikToker waiting to take off on a Spirit Airlines plane filmed an airline worker patching the wing with speed tape (which is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, by the way). After the video went viral, viewers did something that's almost never heard of in the world of social media: They blew the incident way out of proportion.

Comments referring to the speed tape — which is used by every major airline, not just Spirit — as duct tape flooded in, along with a tidal wave of disparaging remarks and accusations against Spirit and its general integrity as a reputable airline. Interestingly, the TikToker who posted the video never referred to the speed tape as "duct tape," and even said she didn't care if it was special tape meant for aircraft repairs. Her beef was that the airline would have the nerve to patch the plane with tape right in front of passengers. Got it. Do your maintenance in private, Spirit. 

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Scotch tape, duct tape, speed tape, or tape with magical powers aside, the budget airline isn't necessarily guilty of doing something other airlines haven't (aside from ignoring discretion). Still, if you need a reason to swear off Spirit, there are plenty of other airlines to go with.

Cheapism reached out to Spirit for comment and will update this story if and when we hear back.

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