15 Clever Uses for Duct Tape That Save Money

One roll of silver cloth duct tape on light blue table background. Pastel color. Closeup. Top down view.


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One roll of silver cloth duct tape on light blue table background. Pastel color. Closeup. Top down view.

A Stick in Time…

In many homes, duct tape is the go-to solution when something’s broken. A 2019 study of 2,000 Americans found that 51% of participants had duct tape fixing something in their home, while 37% were using duct tape to hold something on or in their car. While duct tape may be your first choice when you need to fix a leaky hose or hold together a leaky pipe, there are many more creative ways to use the tape that can save you money, too. 

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House Fly & Glass Reflection Closeup

Make Your Own Fly Sticky Tape

There’s no need to buy those packs of sticky fly tape at the store when you have duct tape at home. Take a length of duct tape and double it back on itself so you’ve created a double-sided piece of sticky tape. Then, use a tack or string to hang it from the ceiling or rafters in your barn, garage, or wherever flies are a problem. Flies will get stuck to the tape, and you can dispose of it when it’s getting full. This strategy is much cheaper and far less messier than buying those premade fly tapes. 

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Pair of worn, white vintage sneakers shot from above

Waterproof Old Shoes

If your pair of old shoes or boots is cracking or the waterproof coating has worn out, duct tape can make them waterproof again. You’ll need to wrap the shoes starting at the bottom, making sure every layer of tape overlaps the other. The end result isn’t pretty, but it can help you to get more life out of those old shoes when you’re working in your garage or around the yard. 

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Lawn chair

Fix Worn-Out Lawn Chair Webbing

Because duct tape is so strong, it can make a fantastic replacement strip of webbing for a lawn chair. Place two lengths of duct tape against each other, sticky-side down, so you’ve created a single strip without any sticky side showing. You can weave the strip into your lawn chair and add extra layers of tape if you want more support. 

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wart, papilloma on a feet. Macro shot, selective focus, close-up, space for text. Dermatological problems with the skin
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Get Rid of Warts

Wart removal kits can be expensive, but you may be able to use duct tape as a substitute. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, putting a piece of duct tape over the wart and then changing the tape every few days may help to peel away layers of the wart. Studies conflict on whether this method is effective, but it might be worth a try.

Make Your Own Clothes

Make Your Own Clothes

Itching to try your hand at clothing design? You can even use duct tape to make your own clothing or bags. Be sure to check out the colored duct tapes to make your wardrobe eye-catching. Duck Brand awards an annual scholarship to high schoolers who create the best prom wear using duct tape.

Clean bed sheet hanging on clothesline.
Anastasiia Krivenok/istockphoto

Create a Clothesline

You can even substitute duct tape for a clothesline. Stick several pieces together with the sticky side facing in. Then, run the tape between two trees, clothesline poles, or other objects. The tape is strong enough to support heavy items and can act as a clothesline in a pinch. 

Young woman having breakfast in her kitchen Legs Close Up

Stop Furniture Scuffs

Furniture legs can quickly damage your hardwood floors, and those furniture sliders or feet that you buy at the store can add up in cost. Instead, stick a piece of duct tape to the bottom of your furniture legs. The non-stick side of the tape creates a smooth surface to help the legs slide, preventing them from scuffing and scratching your floor. 

Tailor's business. The hem of the pants manually with a needle and thread
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Hem Your Clothes

Rather than paying a tailor or taking the time to sew your clothes yourself, you can hem clothes with duct tape. Just use the tape inside the garment instead of using a needle and thread to affix the fabric back to itself at the right length. This works particularly well for thicker pants and jeans, but the duct tape might show if you’re working with a thinner skirt or slacks. 

Thirsty retriever drinking water from the plastic bottle.

Make a Collapsible Dog Bowl

You can use duct tape to create your own collapsible dog bowl to bring with you on road trips and hikes. Just wrap duct tape sticky side out around the bottom of a two-liter soda bottle. Be sure to overlap the tape to create strength. Then, add a second layer, sticky side in, to cover the first layer and finish your bowl. 

Girl is walking on snow, wintertime, cut out
Patrick Daxenbichler/istockphoto

Insulate Your Boots

Duct tape makes an economical substitute for those shoe insulation insoles that you can buy. Simply use silver duct tape to cover the insoles of your boots so the duct tape’s silver side faces your feet. That silver material helps to reflect your body heat back at you for increased warmth, and it adds some durability to tired insoles, too. 

Lifestyle kayak and vacations

Build a Canoe

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even build a canoe or kayak out of duct tape. You’ll need some time and engineering prowess, but the Mythbusters successfully built a boat out of duct tape, and it floated. 

Teardrop Trailer

Make a Camper

Can’t afford a camper of your own? You can make one out of duct tape, a utility trailer, and some  PVC pipe. One family already made one, and it received national press. 

Adhesive Masking Tape-Duct Tape Paper-Translucent Office Supply

Redo Your Flooring

If your flooring is in need of a refresh, you can use colored duct tape to add new life to it. You can create patterns and designs and, when the duct tape gets worn out, it’s easy and affordable to replace.

Relaxing in hammock in tropical forest

Create a Duct Tape Hammock

If you were inspired by the tip about repairing your worn-out chair webbing with duct tape, then you might consider creating your own hammock out of the sticky stuff. The same technique applies where you layer tape to create individual webbing, then thread the webbing to make your hammock. 

Duct tape wreath
Duck Brand