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Cobblers Direct

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Shoe repair seems like a dying art in this era of fast fashion, but DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse, a retailer with more than 650 locations in the U.S. and Canada, is betting that some budget-minded consumers still want to repair their favorite pairs of loafers instead of replacing them.

DSW has partnered with Cobblers Direct, a shoe-repair company that's been in business since 1906, to bring repair services to every DSW location. All you have to do is bring your worn shoes to a DSW location, scan a QR code using a smartphone to place the order, and then hand your shoes to an employee who will get them to a local cobbler for repairs. When they're ready, the shoes are returned to the same store for pickup.

And Cobblers Direct fixes more than just shoes. Handbags, wallets, briefcases, and belts can be repaired or adjusted as well. Popular services include sole repair and replacement, orthopedic buildups, leather restoration, dyeing and color changes, waterproofing, zippers, elastics, and straps. Did the handles come off your favorite designer bag, or maybe the heel on your favorite pumps popped off? There's a cobbler for that. 

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Items don't need to have been purchased at DSW to qualify for repair — all you need is a desire to keep your beloved accessories in top shape so you can keep wearing them. "We believe that repairing shoes, boots, and bags – and not throwing them away – will lead to a healthier planet and happier humanity," Cobblers Direct CEO Stephen Kelly says.

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