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Today in food mashups you never knew you needed: S'mores have been turned into a sandwich.

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Jet-Puffed Marshmallows has teamed up with Alidoro, a sandwich shop in New York City, to create a sweet-and-savory s'mores-inspired sandwich to commemorate National Sandwich Day on Nov. 3. They're calling it the s'moagie — a cross between s'mores and a hoagie — and it sounds more tempting than you might think.

Graham crackers are mixed in the brown sugar-glazed hoagie roll for a sweet and crunchy base, and dark chocolate sea salt spread and marshmallows are layered inside before getting nice and toasty. But this is where it gets interesting: There's also crispy prosciutto, the salty, paper-thin cured Italian ham. It cuts through all the sweetness and really puts the hoagie in s'moagie.

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You can get the sandwich at Alidoro locations in Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park for a limited time. But if you're not in New York City, no worries: You can also order a s'moagie kit on Goldbelly that comes with everything you need to make four gooey sandwiches. And if you've got too much Halloween candy leftover? Throw those peanut butter cups and chocolate bars on there, too.


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