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We've all been there: You're walking through Costco, grabbing a 50-pack of paper towels, a 600-pack of pens, and 15 pounds of some cheese you're probably not pronouncing correctly when you stumble into the wine aisle. All of that wine. 

Rows of really fairly priced wine, and you think to yourself, "I'd better stock up because there's a bunch of new stuff on Netflix that I want to watch, and I probably won't come back for a couple of weeks." 

You grab 2 or 3 bottles. But that chardonnay looks pretty good too (and at that price!), so you grab a couple of these and a couple of those and you find you've got an entire case of loose wine standing there staring at you from the top basket. But by the time you reach the end of the aisle and want to swing over into the chocolate section, those bottles are swaying and falling over like tourists on a cruise ship in choppy waters. 

Wine Bottles in Costco CartPhoto credit: TikTok / dailyoriginalvideos

But fear not, intrepid wine-lover! 

In a viral TikTok from @dailyoriginalvids, the problem has been solved! 

According to the video, a Costco employee showed them the trick of sticking the neck of the wine bottle through the cage of the top basket to lay them flat, locking them into place. (Not totally unlike telling the cruise passengers to sit down and hold on.) 

Wine secured in Costco cartPhoto credit: TikTok / dailyoriginalvideos

To take this little trick even further, one commenter brilliantly added, "Now roll them over so that the barcode is accessible and the checkout peeps will love it." That will not only improve the mood of the cashier, it'll also save both of you (and the entire massive line behind you) a good amount of time. 

Some commentators suggested grabbing some cardboard for the wine. "Why not grab a empty box if you know you're getting a witches brew of wine" added one clearly experienced Costco shopper. Another added that they "should have taken a wine box, rook!!!"

Grabbing a empty cardboard box is undeniably a classic technique well-known to the wine-hoarding community, but it's also not nearly as flashy.

Other customers shared that that section of the cart is not real estate that they're willing to give up. "No cuz the eggs and 2 dozen muffins go up there," shared CarvinUpLife. "Where does the child go?" asked Paul Anthony. 

But we know the real hero here is Tiktok user @dasengineer:


Mommy Juice tiktok commentPhoto credit: TikTok / dasengineer

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