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As if $1.38 hot dog combos and the best cheap ice cream sundae around couldn't get any better, Sam's Club just rolled out a new feature in their app that will allow you to order food court items while you shop, bypassing the cafe line all together. 

Sam's Club's smartphone app is well-known for being one of the best in the biz — and lightyears ahead of its main competitor, Costco. With the Scan and Go feature, you use your camera's phone to scan the barcodes on the stuff you want to buy and pay for it in the app, eliminating the need for a traditional checkout completely. Instead of a paper receipt, just show the barcode on your phone to the employee at the exit. We use it all the time, and it's an absolute game changer for hassle-free and fast shopping, especially when you only want one or two things on a busy weekend.

Can you use Scan and Go at Sam's Club Cafe?

Now, you'll be able to use that same Scan and Go app feature to order your Sam's Club Cafe items. You can order them while you're shopping so you can swing by and pick them up on your (very expedient) way out the door.

If you notice that there's a long line at the food court or you want a whole pizza to go, plan to order 15 minutes before you want to pick it up so you're not left waiting long. If all you want is a hot dog combo and a churro, chances are you can leave a little less time between ordering and when you'd like to pick it up. 

How do you use Scan and Go at Sam's Club's food court?

While you're using Scan and Go in the Sam's Club app, click on the menu button in the upper right corner. Then select "Cafe" to bring up the menu. Add whatever food court items you want to your cart, then checkout. It'll be a separate order from any merchandise you purchase through Scan and Go.

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When you're on your way out or ready to pick it up, head to the cafe. There's a new Scan and Go fast lane roped off so you don't have to wait in the ordering line. Show your order number on your phone to an employee, and they'll get your food for you. There's a video on the Sam's Club website that shows you exactly how to order from the cafe with Scan and Go, step by step. 

Not sure about you, but we're all about any little conveniences like this that can save us time and effort on a busy shopping trip. Sam's Club keeps making it easier and more enjoyable to shop there, while Costco is lagging way behind in the technology department (especially when it comes to self-checkout) — not to mention adding the hassle of the membership sharing crackdown. With this new Sam's Club Scan and Go system to bypass waiting at the food court, you're getting left in the dust, Costco.

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