Sam's Club cafe hot dog


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Sam's Club just took aim at both Costco and inflation by lowering the price of a food court favorite: the hot dog combo. 

The hefty quarter-pound 100% beef hot dog and 32-ounce refillable soda combo now costs $1.38, a drop of 12 cents from Sam's previous price and cheaper than rival warehouse club Costco, which charges $1.50. It's not like a buck and a half was that much to begin with, but when retailers undercut each other it can be a boon for consumers, especially with high inflation and a recession looming.

The price change is part of the company's effort for "making the everyday shopping trip better," CEO Doug McMillon said on Walmart's recent third-quarter earnings call. Though Costco has pledged to never raise the price of its $1.50 hot dog combo, it did raise prices on sodas and its popular chicken bake earlier this year. 

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As always, if the siren song of a huge, cheap hot dog and soda is irresistible but you don't have a Sam's Club membership, it's no problem. You can buy anything in the cafe without a membership, so feel free to stop in during your holiday shopping for the cheapest lunch around. 

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