8 Great Deals to Keep Pests at Bay

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Spring's bounty of plants and flowers brings with it a bevy of flying, creeping, and scampering critters. To take the "sting" out of spring, we've assembled a collection of pest control must-haves to better enjoy nature's bounty without all the swatting and cursing. In addition to finding the best prices online, we've pulled from the best-reviewed, with an emphasis on products that are nontoxic but extremely effective.


$9 for six-pack mosquito dunk packs from jet.com

Why we love this deal: Getting rid of standing water is a no-brainer for mosquito control, but that's impossible for homeowners with pools, ponds, or landscaping where open water is a feature. These pucks kill mosquito larvae without poison but pack a punch, drawing raves from hundreds of satisfied users. These dissolving discs are safe for fish, birds, and other wildlife, and Jet.com's deal is the lowest price we could find online by $4 -- and includes free shipping.


$18 for thermacell mosquito repeller from amazon.com

Why we love this deal: Portable and powerful, this butane-powered beauty provides 225 square feet of protection from mosquitos and other flying nasties. More than 800 Amazon reviewers rate it on average a 4.3 out of 5 stars, and while Amazon's price is only slightly less than other online retailers, prime members can save $5 or more on shipping costs.


$7 for terro fruit fly traps from lowe's

Why we love this deal: Shaped like an apple, this clever tap lures fruit flies away from actual apples (or any other fruit or vegetable) without toxic chemicals or odors. Lowe'sprice is $1 cheaper than at Walgreens and Ace Hardware and about the same as Home Depot.


$3.50 catchmaster pantry pest traps from walmart

Why we love this deal: These traps makes short work of meal moths and other hungry invaders that can result in a pantry full of food going to waste. Walmart has dropped the price by $1.50, which makes it about the same as what it would cost on Amazon.


$6 for permanone insect repellent from walgreens

Why we love this deal: Designed for clothing and outdoor gear, this permethrin-based repellent binds to fabrics to provide up to two weeks of protection. Walgreens' price for 6.5 ounces is cheaper than Amazon and other sellers.


$9 for babyganics deet-free bug spray from kohls

Why we love this deal: Essential oils of citronella, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass, and geranium make for a kid-friendly bug repellent that is both pleasant-smelling and effective. Kohl's deal matches the best prices from other online stores, but add another $20 of baby gear and use coupon code BABYSALE10, and get a $10 discount at checkout -- which essentially means getting the 6 ounces of bug spray for free.


$8 for garden safe pest control diatomaceous earth crawling insect killer from home depot

Why we love this deal: Diatomaceous earth is one of the most versatile, safest, and effective ways to keep creepy-crawlies such as ants, beetles, and roaches out of the garden or house. At $2 a pound, this deal from Home Depotbeats most sellers online by $2. Choose in-store pickup to save even more by cutting out shipping fees.


$26 for pest-a-cator plus 2000 electronic rodent repeller

Why we love this deal: This ultrasonic rodent repeller uses a home's electrical wiring to scare off mice, chipmunks, and any other beasties that typically make their home inside the walls and crawlspaces of a house. Home Depot's price is tied with Amazon for the lowest we could find online. Opt for in-store pickup or check HomeDepot.com for store inventory nearby and save on shipping.