Reddit's Dumpster Divers Reveal Their Incredible Finds

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Urban Poverty

Treasure in the Trash

The saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" couldn't be more true for Redditors who save money by dumpster diving. If you thought there couldn't possibly be anything worthwhile in the trash, this will make you think again. Here are some of the unbelievable finds Redditors discovere in dumpsters this week. 

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u/reignthepain / Reddit
u/big-guy-small-car / Reddit
u/KingOfCranes / Reddit

A Whole Wardrobe

This person scored shirts, shorts, and pants during a college move out.

u/throwbackthreads / Reddit

A Set of Chairs

One person's wife had been searching for chairs just like this. With this kind of luck, perhaps they should play the lottery. 

Easter Candy
u/tim_p / Reddit

A Ton of Easter Goodies

Another Redditor is ready to celebrate Easter every day of the year with this huge haul of treats. 

Gift Card
u/Careless_Coast_5411 / Reddit

A Full Gift Card

A Redditor discovered that $25 was left on this gift card for a Canadian Liquor store. Cheers to that.

u/throwaway2032015 / Reddit

A Perfect-Fitting Jacket

A 6-foot-3-inch Redditor was shocked to find a perfect-fitting jacket in the garbage.

Nail Polish
u/Illustrious-Media292 / Reddit

A Plethora of Nail Polish

This Redditor found basically an entire nail salon's worth of nail polish in the dumpster. 

u/ell522 / Reddit

A Brand New Suitcase

The tags were still attached and the suitcase was still full of tissue paper inserts. This commenter discovered part of the zipper was stitched into the seam; a quick fix and the suitcase was ready for travel.

u/Steamkitty13 / Reddit

So Much Sausage

A diver in Utah claimed that this store often dumps unopened food that hasn't reached its sell-by date yet.