These Are the Items People Will Fight You For at a Garage Sale

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Spring Cleaning Garage Sale
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Backyard Bestsellers

When yard sale season hits, you know it's time to start fighting crowds for cheap crap. Just kidding; you can legit find some fantastic deals at garage sales. Whether you're wondering what types of items you should hone in on at a sale before someone else snaps it up, or you're putting together your own yard sale, here's what's hot on the tag sale scene. 

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Tools hanging at a carpentry workshop


From hammers to saws, tools sell well at garage sales. Power tools like drills and sanders are also popular, especially during yard work season when people are looking for these types of items. If you're selling, be sure to have a power strip available for customers to test electric tools out.

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Vintage China

Vintage Dishes

Those old dishes that are just taking up space? The plates you inherited that you hate? They may be a treasure for someone else’s collection.

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Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is a fun buy for many people. As with dishware, what’s not your cup of tea may be a major score for someone else. 

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A perfect chance to grab some summertime beach reads. Cheap books (think under $1) are popular finds, especially when they are bestsellers or classics.

Holiday Suitcase - Skiing
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Sports Gear

Skis, golf clubs, and other sports gear do well at garage sales. Most people who are causal participants in these types of sports recognize that its worth getting something cheap if only using on occasion.

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Bikes and Scooters

Old bikes and scooters in good working condition are great garage sale grabs. Kids’ bikes are usually a hot ticket as well. 

Vintage stool


Old dining room sets, wooden chairs, patio furniture  — all of these items are big sellers.

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Purses from mid-range designer brands that are in good condition can be popular at garage sales. Vintage finds are also worth selling or buying.

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Some people adore figurines, so what looks like junk to you may be exactly what someone else needs to add to their collection.