Here Are 10 Products Costco Shoppers Wish the Retailer Sold



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Product Wish List

From cheap gasoline to family-sized trays of buttery croissants, Costco has become a one-stop shop for consumers who buy in bulk. But what if the wholesaler carried foot-long subs ... or bulk cannabis? Those are just two of the many items Costco superfans recently wished for on Reddit, where hundreds shared products that the retailer should sell. Have your own pie-in-the-sky Costco products? Share your ideas in the comments.

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Costco Combo Pizza
Vienna T./Yelp

Combo Pizza

Costco fans were devastated when the retailer discontinued its combo pizza — so much so that they started an online petition to bring it back. "The termination of combo pizza from Costco Food Courts nationwide is not only saddening, but total madness, and just straight up WRONG," the petition reads. Superfans on Reddit haven't forgotten about the discontinuation either, so it's no surprise that the thread's top comment went to this fallen hero.

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Making Puff Pastry

All-Butter Puff Pastry Sheets

Whether you want to make sweet palmiers or fluffy croissants, puff pastry is at the heart of French baking. But not everyone has time to fold butter-covered dough hundreds of times. So Costco superfans have a request: please carry puff pastry sheets!

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Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky


Most Costco's have enough liquor to intoxicate a small army, but members in Utah, Pennsylvania, and other states with strict alcohol laws wish they could get their hands on an affordable bottle of Kirkland whiskey.

Hands preparing dough

Bread Flour

Bread flour is another pantry staple that multiple superfans wish Costco carried in bulk. In a pinch, you can add vital wheat gluten to your all-purpose flour ... but at that point, it makes sense to shop elsewhere.

Costco Bakes
Costco Bakes by Michael Ocampo (CC BY)
Costco Polish Sausage
Mona W./Yelp

Polish Dog

Like the combo pizza, Costco members won't stop talking about the wholesaler's discontinued Polish hot dog. Of course, there's also a "Bring Back the Polish Dog!" petition, which has some wild comments from some of Costco's most disgruntled customers. According to one signer, "whiny" soccer moms are to blame for the change. Whatever the reason (hint: it's not soccer moms), Costco fans are still praying for the Polish dog's return.

Fried Chicken foot long sub sandwich

Foot-Long Sandwiches

The original poster who prompted this long Costco wish list has their own request: pre-made foot-long subs. But knowing that the wholesaler adheres to the "go big or go home" mantra, why not just ask for yard-long sandwiches?

Cat food and two cats

(More) Cat Products

Costco's CEO, Craig Jelinek, is clearly a dog person. Why else would Costco sell what seems like 15 types of dog chow and just a few brands of cat food? "My boys are so picky!" one Redditor wrote of her feline friends. "Costco would blow my mind if they sold Applaws wet food or Taste of the Wild crunchy food."

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Mother with her boy in the supermarket

Bulk Baby Items

Costco parents say the retailer needs to step up its selection of baby products, from cereals and snacks to boogie wipes and nursing pads. And while they're at it, Costco should have babysitters for hire, another Redditor suggested.

See What's Banned
Nizam Ergil/istockphoto


With its bulk munchies, cheap food court, and colorful television display, Costco is already a stoner's dream. But what if Costco also sold weed? That's one Redditor's longshot proposition, though we can also see how the results could be disastrous. "I once made the mistake of thinking I could get my Costco run knocked out before my edible kicked in and wound up with $300+ of groceries," a shopper shared.