These 14 Costco International Food Court Items Will Make You Drool

Nasi Goreng

Flickr / Dennis Sylvester Hurd

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Nasi Goreng
Flickr / Dennis Sylvester Hurd

Costco Eats Around the World

We’re all smart, well-informed adults, so we know that the Costco food court is one of the greatest bang-for-your-buck lunches you can find. The $2 hotdog and drink situation is elite, and feeding your whole family with an 18-inch pizza for under $15 is also pretty unbeatable. But in other countries? Costco is jamming on all kinds of different flavors, with everything from al pastor on pizza to English meat pies. Here are some of the most drool-worthy things you’ll see at an international Costco food court.

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Poutine Costco
Poutine Costco by GoToVan (CC BY)

Poutine | Canada

It’s probably illegal to omit poutine from a menu at any dining establishment in Canada. Costco’s food court is no exception, topping fries with the classic mix of cheese curds and gravy. That’s a little something we like to call shopping fuel.

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Ham and cheese croissant
Ham and cheese croissant by Katherine Lim (CC BY)

Ham and Cheese Croissant | France

Not many things hit like the cheesy, salty/sweet killer that is the ham and cheese croissant. French Costcos are serving them hot and fresh, with a little bit of mustard. 

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Gelato by Maksym Kozlenko (CC BY-SA)

Gelato | Iceland

If you’re talkin’ gelato, you’re probably not also talkin’ Iceland, but there is in fact a Costco in Iceland — and you'd better believe they’re serving cheeseburgers and traditional Italian ice cream.

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Meat Pie
Meat Pie by Michael Ocampo (CC BY)

Bulgogi Bake | Japan & Taiwan

Chicken Bakes are by far one of the best things the Costco food court has to offer, but we have to tell you, the thought of replacing them with spicy bulgogi bakes sounds wonderful. Like the U.S. counterpart, they’re stuffing the calzone-ish creature with green onions and melty cheese, but have swapped chicken for the Korean barbecue staple.

Clam Chowder
Clam Chowder by Jen (CC BY)

Clam Chowder | Taiwan

We certainly would not have expected Taiwan to have so many chowder-heads, but the world is a surprising place. Head up to Seattle or New England for clam chowder, but perhaps the Taiwanese Costco food court is home to the best clam chowder.

Costco Fried Chicken Sandwich

Fried Chicken Sandwich | Taiwan & Australia

Seems like a huge missed opportunity in America, what with our chicken sandwich wars and all, but Taiwan and Australia are battering and frying a big ole chicken breast, served with typical American toppings like lettuce, tomato, and onion. 

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Costco Korean Fried Chicken Wings

Korean Fried Chicken Wings | Australia

This should be a gameshow. Contestants (or maybe you) could come up and try to guess what country a certain Costco food court item is from. We’d say, “What country’s Costco do you think Korean fried chicken wings are sold in?” and you’d say “Korea,” and then we’d say “Not even close, it’s Australia,” and then you’d probably be angry. Goldmine concept right here.

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Beef Brisket Sandwich Costco
Beef Brisket Sandwich Costco by theimpulsivebuy (CC BY-SA)

Beef Brisket Sandwich | Australia

The smoky meat stack was a serious fan favorite, a hefty beast packed with brisket, barbecue sauce, and slaw. It met an untimely end in 2020, potentially due to cost factors.

Pizza Al Pastor (Mexico)
Pizza Al Pastor (Mexico) by Bernard DUPONT (CC BY-SA)

Pizza Al Pastor | Mexico

If you’re one of those East Coasters who feels personally offended by the fact that people like salty-sweet pizza, you’re not gonna love this one. If you’re a normal person who doesn’t get worked up about what kind of pizza toppings other people like to eat when you’re not around, you’re in for a treat with Mexican Costco’s grilled pork and pineapple combo. This sounds incredible.

Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki by BrokenSphere (CC BY-SA)

Chicken Teriyaki | South Korea

Thought you’d see this one in Taiwan or Japan? Nope. South Korea has 17 warehouses, and chicken teriyaki is exactly the type of thing we imagine the Costco food court does quite well.

Nasi Goreng
Flickr / Dennis Sylvester Hurd

Nasi Goreng | South Korea

South Korean Costcos have been known to have a lot of seasonal things in their lineup, like sweet pumpkin soup and abalone porridge. The classic Southeast Asian fried rice dish is one of them, made with veggies, chicken, pork, and shrimp.

Bocadillos & Croquetas

Bocadillos & Croquetas | Spain

At least Spain is staying semi on-brand here, serving ham croquetas (fried ham and cheese balls) and bocadillos (ham and cheese sandwiches). Jamón is beloved in Spain, and we can see why that reached Costco. The Costco food courts are open during siesta, luckily.

Baked Potato
Baked Potato by Vegan Feast Catering (CC BY)

Baked Potatoes | United Kingdom

Jacket potatoes, as the English call them, are available at Costco in the UK with a wide variety of toppings. Brace yourself, for they are: baked beans, cheese, beef chili, tuna, and “chicken baconnaise.” You love yourself too much to put hot Costco tuna, cheese, and anything called “chicken baconnaise” inside of your body, right?

Shepherd’s Pie
Shepherd’s Pie by Oxfordian Kissuth (CC BY-SA)

Cottage Pie | United Kingdom

You might know this one by the name Shepherd’s Pie, and if you do, then you’re already jealous you can’t have any at your local American Costco. England, by all means keep your hot tuna and beef jacket potatoes, but we’ll gladly partake in a steamy cottage pie any day.

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