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When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. And when there's nowhere around to go, you might find yourself pretty desperate — perhaps desperate enough to pay an enterprising young man to use his portable toilet made out of a beach cooler.

The beach is often one of those places with nowhere convenient to use the restroom. Sure, some people wade out into the water to their hips in a secluded space and pee right there, while they wave to their friends calling to them from the sand. Fish do it, right? We probably don't need to explain to you that there's another type of business you might need to do that can't be easily hidden in the water. For those people, and for the folks who aren't into the idea of peeing in an ocean or lake, one entrepreneur has cornered the market with an inventive portable potty and a TikToker recorded and narrated the entire incident, sharing it in a now-viral video.

TikTok user @prankiddied shared a video of a man creating a portable restroom out of a cooler. He attached PVC pipes, a hula hoop, and a shower curtain to an Igloo on wheels, taping a sign to it promising four minutes of potty time for four bucks. And if you wanted some of the toilet paper hanging from the lanyard around his neck? That'll be $1, please. 

At the end of the video, someone was actually shown behind the curtain, presumably relieving themself in the cooler while the crafty entrepreneur stood guard. While the ordeal appears to be a prank that was set up (given the downright absurdity and the user's TikTok handle), commenters shared some pretty spot-on reactions.

One user wrote, "My man just dragging doodies down the beach," while another saw the practicality and admitted that it's still probably cleaner than beach bathrooms. Another pointed out that if the curtained cooler was actually a changing room, it'd actually be a good idea (and we have to agree). 

Of course, our personal favorite comment came from Igloo Coolers' official TikTok account: "Just wash it before you add put drinks in it is our only advice." We definitely have to agree with that.

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