Jobs Where Pay Is in Women's Favor
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9 Careers Where Women are Paid More than Men

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Jobs Where Pay Is in Women's Favor
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It's common knowledge women typically make less in the workforce — around 81 cents for every dollar earned by male counterparts, according to Labor Department statistics. But how accurate that number is and the reasons behind it are widely discussed and debated. Some suggest that women often make less because they are more likely to hold lower-paying jobs. Data from the National Women’s Law Center states that women make up 47 percent of the workforce, but account for 69 percent of employees in jobs that pay $10 an hour or less. Meanwhile, Glassdoor found that nine out of the 10 highest-paying college majors (such as engineering, physics, and computer science) are dominated by men, while women are more prominent in six of the 10 lowest-paying majors (including in liberal arts and social sciences). But even men and women with the same majors often split into different job titles within industries where men wind up in positions that pay more.

There's good news: Women often make higher wages than men if they are in male-dominated fields, especially when joining unions within those fields. As the gender pay gap persists, these jobs are few and far between and subject to a wide variety of variables, but they are out there.

Human Resources Professional


Gap in women's favor: 2 percent to 3 percent
This is a field where women tend to rule, making up as much as 90 percent of its workers. But these women need to be in higher positions to out-earn male colleagues, PayScale says. Women administrators make about $100 a year less than men, while female HR directors eke out a bit more than men (about 2 percent) and female HR training managers typically earn just a little bit more than that (3 percent).



Gap in women's favor: 5 percent
The study of body movement, a college major similar to exercise movement and one you might pursue if interested in becoming a personal trainer or physical therapist, is one of Glassdoor's lowest-paying majors, tied with criminal justice. Still, the wage gap here is in women's favor, or $43,000 to men's $41,000.

Chemical Engineer


Gap in women's favor: 5 percent
It's not surprising this STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) field is lucrative. It's also one that typically attracts more men, although women who pursue it excel, making an average $63,770 a year in chemical engineering to men's $60,480.

Media Producers and Directors


Gap in women's favor: 6 percent
Female producers and directors may make more than their male counterparts, an average $66,226 annually to $62,368, but only 32 percent of industry jobs are occupied by women, and Hollywood has a long history of placing men in those roles for big-budget films. Director Patty Jenkins, who shattered box office records with "Wonder Woman," was the first woman to direct a major superhero flick.

Social Worker


Gap in women's favor: 8 percent
Female social workers make $1.08 for every dollar a male counterpart makes, according to some data, and dominate the field: 82 percent of social workers are women. But this important job is also a relatively low-paying one, and there is census data disagreeing with Glassdoor to say male social workers actually bring home slightly more pay. If so, it's one of the smallest gaps.



Gap in women's favor: 8 percent
The gap among advertising majors is in women's favor by an average $46,500 to $43,020. Women also hold 60 percent of professional positions in advertising, says Avi Dan, a contributor to Forbes, but black employees are poorly represented and still make only 80 cents for every dollar earned by a white colleague.

Wholesale and Retail Buyers


Gap in women's favor: 11 percent
Female wholesale and retail buyers, selecting and buying goods or services a company needs, earn more than men in the field unless the items being bought are farm products. Women in these positions earn an average $51,220 a year, compared with men's $46,072, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says.



Gap in women's favor: 10 percent
A music major results in an average $40,000 annually for men and $44,020 for women, Glassdoor says. The U.S. Census Bureau agrees that women in musical jobs typically make more than male counterparts — maybe because women end up audio engineers or music teachers, while men with the same degree work as sales associates or in other lower-paying jobs.



Gap in women's favor: 149 percent
This is one job where the wage gap is completely reversed. Female models make quite a bit more than male models — nearly 150 percent more, PayScale reports. Looking at the heavy hitters of modeling, Gisele Bundchen made $42 million in a one-year period, when Forbes research showed the top 10 earning male models made a mere $8 million combined. Women's fashion is a bigger market, and the work is higher-paying and more abundant.