Grilled cheese sandwich close up

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Ever wished your grilled cheese sandwich wasn't so crispy? That's a concern for @cocobean, who took to Reddit to ask Panera workers how they keep grilled cheese sandwiches soft when heating. "I made grilled cheese sandwiches for my kids the other day using the toaster oven, and they didn’t like them because they were 'too crunchy' and not like the Panera ones. How do you melt the cheese without the bread getting toasted? Do you just use a microwave?"

The question got a simple answer from @Aedwins, a team lead for the r/Panera subreddit. "What we do is use White miche [a white sandwich bread] and American cheese and cook it in the oven 550 F and let it in there for about 2:30." @Aedwins further recommended using a "fresh loaf ... for it to be soft like the grill cheese sandwich." 

Another Reddit user, @Steve1808, added that Panera's ovens are convection ovens, so if your own oven doesn't have a convection mode, an air fryer might be best for similar results.

Not sure where to find miche bread? Here's a recipe from that gets rave reviews from those who've tried it. 

And, while crispy sandwich lovers might not be so inclined, those that love Panera's soft, gooey grilled cheese will probably love incorporating these easy tips the next time they're making lunch — especially if there are picky kids involved. 

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