Overpriced Items Redditors Say They’re Still Spending Money On

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The Cost of Living

Redditors often share tips on how to score deals and save money, but what about when there aren't any deals to be found? In a recent Reddit thread that drew more than 11,000 comments, Redditors shared the products and everyday necessities that they still spend money on, despite costing more. In response to the question, "What is so ridiculously overpriced, yet you still buy?" the major life expenses that cost way too much include many familiar items — and, yes, they include rent.

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The thread's most upvoted comment touches on a subject that rings true for thousands of Redditors. With inflation still high, groceries have become an overpriced necessity. Commenters shared how the cost of eggs, chips, lettuce, and other staples have skyrocketed, with some even giving advice to skip meals to cut down on costs. "I've gone back to eating ramen it's so bad," one Redditor said.

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House for rent


Whether you rent or buy, Redditors seemed to agree that housing is an overpriced necessity. "Housing has more than doubled since 2019 in my city," one Redditor said, while another wrote that "when you rent, that money may as well be going down the garbage disposal because it's gone forever."

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For consumers who live in areas where a car is necessary, there's no escaping surging vehicle prices. An ongoing chip shortage and expensive raw materials have pushed the average price of a new car to nearly $50,000, while the average price of a used car is about $30,000. Redditors shared stories about flying to another state to save money when purchasing a car or turning to leasing as a cheaper (but still pricey) option.

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Been to a sporting event recently? The cost of food and drinks may have surpassed your ticket. "Last hockey game I went to was $8 for pizza, $12 for beer, and they asked for tips!" one Redditor said, while others called the cost of concessions "a necessary evil."

Health insurance application
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Health Insurance

For the thread's U.S. commenters in particular, health insurance was deemed an overpriced burden that they are still paying for. For a family of five, one Redditor noted, the cost of insurance premiums, deductibles, and medications came to roughly $35,000 a year.

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With all the cheap options for frames out there, a number of Redditors said they are still willing to spend a lot of money on eyeglasses. "I could always buy cheap ones, but I’d rather pay money to have nice frames that I actually like wearing rather than a pair I couldn’t care less about," one commenter said. Still, others were quick to point out websites where it's possible to get affordable, high-quality glasses, including Zenni and Eyebuydirect.

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Razor Blade Refills

For as many Redditors who agreed that razor blades were an overpriced expense, there were just as many who proposed a cheaper alternative: safety razors. "Get an old school safety razor and shave brush," one Redditor said. "Once you learn to use it, it works just as good. Blades are dirt cheap. Like 100 blades for $20 to $30."

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One Redditor's comment summed up the high cost of this life-saving drug: "This is flat out tragic." Roughly 8.4 million U.S. consumers rely on insulin, according to the American Diabetes Association, and yet it still remains prohibitively expensive for many households.

Toilet Paper Storage
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Toilet Paper

Remember the toilet paper wars at the beginning of the pandemic? The bathroom necessity has since become a victim of "shrinkflation," meaning toilet paper prices rose while roll size shrank. Redditors advised cutting costs by investing in a bidet.

Business class airplane seats
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Business-Class Travel

Airline travel has become a bit of a mess since the pandemic, so purchasing business-class seats is, for some Redditors, a luxury worth splurging on. "I felt like I’d 'made it' when I could finally afford business class," one Redditor said.