These Are Costco’s Most 'Overpriced' Products, According to Superfans



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Overpriced Offerings

In a recent Reddit thread, hundreds of fervent Costco fans came up with a long list of "overpriced" items that shoppers should skip at Costco. Here are some of the worst Costco deals — including some apparent victims of inflation — according to superfans posting on Reddit. What products have you found for less at other stores? Let us know in the comments.

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Costco Wholesale, Los Angeles, CA
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Freezer and Pantry Staples Worth Buying in Bulk

Bulk Items You Won’t Use

Rather than call out a particular item, the thread's top comment explains that Costco's bulk products are overpriced compared with standard size items if you waste them — regardless of any initial savings. So stock your freezer, plan meals strategically, share with housemates, or just buy less.

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Costco Fall Harvest Pumpkins

Seasonal Items

Steer clear of seasonal Halloween and Christmas items if you’re on a tight budget, Redditors say. To give you an idea of the prices, Costco charges $70 on its website for a set of three decorative pumpkins.

Just Bare Chicken

Just Bare Chicken

Costco superfans report that a 4-pound bag of Just Bare’s frozen chicken nuggets costs $20 when it used to be just $13 (although prices vary by location). “I think it’s time for a price adjustment,” a Redditor wrote.

Costco Muffins
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Bagels and Muffins

While the bakery’s two packs of bagels and muffins might be a decent deal if you’re shopping for a large family or event, one top commenter writes that the bulk baked goods are “just too much.” That said, other shoppers note that you can pre-cut and freeze bagels so they don’t go stale.

half and half

Half and Half

Think twice before you pick up half and half at Costco, as the wholesaler’s offering is “quite a bit more expensive per ounce” compared with grocery store prices, according to a top comment.


Coke Products

If you're jonesing for a Coke, Redditors say to avoid Costco and stock up during supermarket sales instead. Grocery stores tend to use soft drinks as loss leaders to entice people to come in and buy more items. That's why stacks of six-packs so frequently appear at store entrances, and why Coke is often cheaper at supermarkets than at warehouse clubs

Costco Tire Center provide tire change and other services for Costco members.


Although Costco's tire center has received plaudits for its low prices, multiple members say you're better off buying elsewhere. In our own tire installation comparison, Costco competitor Sam's Club offered the best combination of pricing and included services, while Walmart had the lowest prices.