Oreos with Sour Cream

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So the latest suspect claim on the internet is that the mash up of Oreos and sour cream is not the gross combo it seems, but a magical way to create instant (and cheap) cheesecake flavor. The "recipe" is no more complicated than combining the two ingredients, and since I had both around the house, I figured, why not? 

Though you can theoretically make this work by just dunking the Oreo in sour cream, I mashed up the cookies and sour cream into a pile of "cheesecake" — thinking that might create a closer cheesecake approximation. 

Oreos and sour creamPhoto credit: Gary Leonard/Corbis via Getty Images

Do Oreos dipped in sour cream taste like cheesecake?

My verdict? While the sour cream was remarkably less sour once it came into contact with the Oreo, calling it anything close to cheesecake is a stretch. Instead, it was a richer, creamier, tangier Oreo, which isn't a bad thing, but not something I would eat again. Was it good? It wasn't bad, and it was an interesting experiment, but once is enough. 

I decided to let my kids be guinea pigs next. In blind taste tests, in which I jammed a spoon of crumbled Oreo and sour cream into their mouths and asked them what they thought they were eating (they are already used to weird behavior from Mom), the older one guessed Oreo and yogurt (close) while the younger one guessed Oreo and blueberries (huh?). They thought it was fine, but they didn't ask for more. All that was left was to find out what my husband thought.

The Oreo dipped in sour cream was met with a massive shrug. "It's not as sour as sour cream, but it's mostly Oreo." Would he eat it again? Not to scratch a cheesecake-flavored itch, that was for sure. 

Is combining Oreos and sour cream worth it?

So, did the internet once again overstate things? Yes. Was it okay? Sure. If you have an Oreo and some sour cream around, it's a little bit of a mind trip to put them together and get something that isn't the gross mixture you'd suspect. But beyond that, this seems like a pass — unless you want to add Oreos to your next cheesecake, maybe. 

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