Forget Cracker Jacks: 12 Crazy MLB Ballpark Foods To Try in 2024

Crazy MLB Dishes in 2024

Cheapism / Delaware North / Aramark / Mackenzie Hudson / Chicago White Sox

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Crazy MLB Dishes in 2024
Cheapism / Delaware North / Aramark / Mackenzie Hudson / Chicago White Sox

Play Ball!

Buy me some peanuts and ... dino ribs? Crab pizza? Helmets full of nacho cheese? If all that sounds better to you than Cracker Jacks, then you're clearly ready for the 2024 Major League Baseball season. 

Every spring, each MLB team debuts new stadium foods, and sometimes they can get pretty wild. Here are some of the craziest, most state-fair-food-like items you'll be able to get at baseball stadiums around the country. 

Birria Eggrolls Petco Park
Delaware North

1. Birria Egg Rolls

Petco Park

San Diego, California

The birria craze is apparently still hot in San Diego, because the Padres have put it on the menu this season. Specifically, you can get it in deep fried form — the best form for anything, obviously — as egg rolls filled with the shredded, seasoned beef. They come with a creamy dipping sauce and sliced Fresno chiles. 

Chase Field footlong sonoran hot dog
Arizona Diamondbacks

2. XL Footlong Sonoran Hot Dog

Chase Field

Phoenix, Arizona

Just seeing "XL Footlong" in the name of a stadium food gets us excited. This one is Sonoran style, which means it also has smoked bacon, ranch beans, mayo, mustard, and pico de gallo all piled onto a Nathan's brand footlong hot dog. You might need to share this one. Maybe.

Coors Field Dino Rib

3. Dino Rib

Coors Field

Denver, Colorado

Ever wish you could feel like Fred Flintstone while watching a Rockies game? Now you can when you gnaw on this giant "dino rib." It's a 20-ounce beef rib still on the bone, so you can swing it around for every homer, or eat it a little more gracefully with the paratha bread it comes with. There's also an herb salad on the side, presumably to counter all that beefiness.

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Met's Championship Burger

4. Mets Championship Burger

Citi Field

Queens, New York

You'll be living large if you grab this show-stopping burger at a Mets game. It's made with the famous Pat LaFreida beef, but it's the toppings that really matter here — namely, lobster. The burger features a creamy, Maine lobster seafood salad on top, and it's all coated in a cheesy lobster fondue. It's even on a fancy fennel brioche bun, because you wouldn't want lobster on a measly hamburger roll.

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Renegade Dog PNC Park

5. Renegade Hot Dog

PNC Park

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There isn't a baseball fan that doesn't like a good footlong hot dog. But if you're a Pirates fan, you're really going to love this Pittsburgh-ed up creation. It's a 12-inch dog topped with shredded beef pot roast, caramelized onions, pickle slices, and the most adorable mini pierogis. It's like three amazing dishes all in one bun.

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Dog Gone Fowl American Family Field
Milwaukee Brewers

6. Dog Gone Fowl

American Family Field
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This Brewers creation doesn't look crazy at first glance, but then you notice it: a chicken finger. Yep, it's nestled right in there with the hot dog. Plus, there's cheese and tater tots for good measure, because who doesn't like those? There's also some ranch on the chicken finger, and Secret Stadium Sauce (a specialty of AmFam Field that's like a sweet barbecue sauce) on the hot dog. No telling whether this creation will leave your mouth confused or overjoyed. 

Bases Loaded Nacho Burger Great American Ball Park
Delaware North

7. Bases Loaded Nacho Cheese Dip Burger

Great American Ballpark

Cincinnati, Ohio

Those little team helmets are the BEST, and now you can finally get them filled with the best ballpark food ever: nacho cheese sauce. For dipping on the side, you get two small smash burgers topped with lettuce and tomato. But you know Reds fans are going to order fries, hot dogs, and everything else with this in order to dip them in nacho cheese, too.

Campfire Milkshake Guaranteed Rate Field
Mackenzie Hudson / Chicago White Sox

8. Campfire Milkshake

Guaranteed Rate Field
Chicago, Illinois

The crazy milkshake trend has finally hit baseball stadiums, at least if you're a White Sox fan. The Campfire Milkshake is a chocolate shake topped with graham crackers, chocolate bars, and toasted marshmallows. It sounds really good — unless, of course, you started the game with a few beers first.

Pierogi Grilled Cheese Slider Comerica Park
Delaware North

9. Pierogi Grilled Cheese Slider

Comerica Park

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is jumping on the pierogi bandwagon for the 2024 season as well, and carb lovers will be thrilled. Not really sure why "grilled cheese" appears in the name of these sliders at all, but let's just embrace it. There's a potato pierogi on a slider bun with sauerkraut, mornay sauce (a fancy name for cheese sauce), and good old Velveeta. If the goal was to make pierogis more portable, the Tigers succeeded.

Crab Pizza T-Mobile Park
Seattle Mariners

10. Dungeness Crab Pizza

T-Mobile Park
Seattle, Washington

The stand that sells pizza at Mariners games calls its creations "odd pizza," and the name certainly fits here. The crispy, thick sourdough crust is topped with shredded Dungeness crab meat, melted butter, herbs like dill and thyme, parmesan, and a splash of lemon. Sure, it's weird, but is anyone else's mouth watering?

Fielder's Catch Truist Park
Delaware North

11. Fielder's Catch

Truist Park
Atlanta, Georgia

This monster sandwich is fair food at its finest — and fanciest. If you head to a Braves game this season, grab a Fielder's Catch with two lobster tails, three fried oysters, sweet potato fries, candied bacon, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and a spicy peach remoulade in a split-top bun. It's pretty much a full seafood dinner.

Back to Blue Burger Kauffman stadium

12. Back to Blue Burger

Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City, Missouri

Cookie Monster (or maybe SpongeBob Squarepants) would be proud of this one. The Royals have a new burger, complete with a bright blue bun to match the team's colors. It's got bacon, blue cheese, Buffalo-style aioli, lettuce, and tomato, so otherwise it's a pretty standard Buffalo/blue burger. No word on how the food coloring might resurface after the game.