42 Metro Areas Where New Home Construction Is Booming

40 Metro Areas Where New Home Construction is Booming


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40 Metro Areas Where New Home Construction is Booming

Hammering It Home

Looking for a brand-new home? Home builders have been busy this year. For home buyers on the hunt for new construction, Texas is the place to be. Three of its major metropolitan areas rank atop the list of cities with the most new homes since last year. Other Sun Belt cities also continue to put up big numbers. Here are the areas where new home construction is hottest, based on building-permit figures from the Census Bureau. Median home prices are based on data from the National Association of Realtors and BestPlaces.net.

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Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land

A booming energy town, Houston continues to be — for the third year in a row — the location where the most new homes are going up. So far this year, builders have taken out permits for 19,526 new homes.
Median sale price: $249,400


Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is also booming when it comes to new home construction, with 16,981 building permits issued so far this year. This is the third year in a row the Dallas metro area has ranked No. 2.
Median sale price: $275,400

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Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Alpharetta

Atlanta has a lot going for it, including mild winters and low cost of living. It’s a major corporate hub: CNN, Coca-Cola, and Home Depot all have a significant presence in the city. Home construction is accordingly robust, with builders pulling 13,530 permits this year.
Median sale price: $239,700



With more than 1.6 million residents, Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in the country. Greater Phoenix, which includes the cities of Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe, among others, has a population of more than 4.7 million and covers 2,000 square miles. Given that, it should be no surprise that 12,226 permits have been issued for new homes so far this year. 
Median sale price: $285,500


Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown

The Austin, Texas, area boasts one of the largest and best public universities in the country, the University of Texas at Austin, not to mention a thriving nightlife and food scene. There are also lots of new homes, with 9,220 building permits issued so far this year.
Median sale price: $343,700

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Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater

Tampa is also the third most populous city in Florida, with around 390,000 residents. So far this year, 7,596 permits have been issued in the area. 
Median sale price: $245,000

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The Charlotte region is known for both old-fashioned Southern charm and high-energy cosmopolitan bustle. A city of nearly 900,000, Charlotte is widely seen as a metro area on the rise. And building permits appear to bear that out: There have been 7,534 issued for new homes this year.
Median sale price: $266,100

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A city and region perhaps most famous for being home to Disney and a slew of other theme parks and attractions, Orlando has seen 7,453 building permits issued to date this year.
Median sale price: $278,000

Washington, D.C.


For those who don’t mind being close to the political heart of the country, the Washington, D.C. area also continues to witness healthy growth in new home construction. About 6,666 building permits for new homes have been issued this year. 
Median sale price: $456,500

Nashville, Tennessee
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The home of country music is also a booming home construction market, with 6,168 permits issued this year.
Median sale price: $276,800

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The Raleigh and Cary areas are part of and adjacent to the famed Research Triangle made up of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Duke, the University of North Carolina, and North Carolina State University anchor a thriving local high-tech market and economy. Thanks to its strong job growth and a high quality of life, this region is luring new residents every day. A lot of homes are also getting built — at least 6,059 this year. 
Median sale price: $296,900

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Located on Florida's Atlantic coast, Jacksonville’s claim to fame is that, with a total area of nearly 875 square miles, it’s the largest metro city by land mass in the continental United States. It’s also home to a range of culturally and aesthetically diverse neighborhoods. The housing market is thriving, with 5,773 permits for new homes issued so far this year. 
Median sale price: $255,000



The Denver area offers all the amenities of a big city with the Rockies just an hour away, and lots of other places to get your outdoor fix nearby. There have been 5,290 building permits issued for new homes so far this year. 
Median sale price: $471,400

New York City

New York-Newark-Jersey City

It’s no secret that the greater New York area is an incredibly pricey place to live. But if money is no object, the good news is that some 4,993 new homes have been built thus far in 2019.
Median sale price: $420,800

Las Vegas
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Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise

As it increasingly attracts California residents in search of a cheaper cost of living, Sin City has a booming housing market. Some 4,933 building permits have been issued so far this year. 
Median sale price: $301,500

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Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario

Riverside and San Bernardino counties make up southern California’s massive Inland Empire. About 4.5 million live in the region, which sits outside of the San Diego and Los Angeles area. There have been 4,837 building permits for new homes issued this year.
Median sale price: $380,000

Los Angeles
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Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim

The capital of the entertainment business and also one of the largest cities in the country, the Los Angeles area has seen 4,562 permits for new homes issued this year. 
Median sale price: $567,000

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Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

Most folks would be happy living near one great city. But the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul offer two for the price of one, separated by the Mississippi River. The market for new homes isn't bad either, with 4,327 permits issued so far this year. 
Median sale price: $294,100



In a region that’s well-known for its thriving tech sector, Seattle is the headquarters for giants such as Amazon and Microsoft. As a result, the housing market is not exactly budget-friendly, but it is growing, with 4,242 permits for new homes awarded so far this year. 
Median sale price: $542,700

San Antonio
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San Antonio-New Braunfels

The San Antonio area couples big-city amenities with a far more relaxed atmosphere than New York or other major Northeast hubs. Builders have been issued 4,236 permits for new homes so far this year. 
Median sale price: $238,800

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Clocking in at No. 17, Idaho’s state capital is ranked among the top 20 places to live in the country by U.S. News & World Report. With rivers, mountains, canyons, deserts, and lakes, it’s a recreation paradise. Many new homes are also getting built here, with 3,828 permits issued so far this year. 
Median sale price: $295,600

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Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach

A vibrant city that’s quickly becoming one of the largest international business hubs in the world, Miami has also seen continuous growth in recent years. The number of new single-family homes for 2019 so far is about 3,768.
Median sale price: $360,000



Oregon’s Portland area is the Pacific Northwest's other big tech hub. "Wonderfully well-evolved, progressive, and cosmopolitan" is how the community-ranking website Sperling's Best Places describes Portland and its environs. So far this year, 3,663 permits for new homes have been issued in the Portland area, which is a slight uptick over last year’s figure. 
Median sale price: $415,300



Given its place in history and status as one of the 10 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, Philadelphia needs little introduction. The city has flourished since the Industrial Revolution and is an important port and manufacturing center. Builders have been busy pulling a total of 3,549 new home permits to date this year.
Median sale price: $254,200

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California’s capital has long been a major agricultural and transportation center. In recent years it has also attracted those fleeing the high cost of living in pricier coastal cities. Sacramento’s close proximity to both San Francisco and Lake Tahoe is an added bonus. Builders have taken out permits for 3,526 new homes this year. 
Median sale price: $385,000



The Windy City is one of the nation's biggest and the de facto capital of the heartland. Along with being a major transportation hub, Chicago is headquarters for at least 30 companies in the Fortune 500. Builders have been granted permits for 3,513 new homes so far this year.
Median sale price: $278,300



Once a blighted, old-economy city, Indianapolis is undergoing a notable, publicly coordinated and funded urban renewal. In the downtown core alone, there are new buildings, pedestrian zones, and a state-of-the-art sports arena. The low cost of living is another notable attraction. Builders have taken out permits for 3,371 new homes across the Indianapolis area so far this year. 
Median sale price: $203,300

Myrtle Beach
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Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has long been one of the country's most popular vacation spots, with white sandy beaches and a slew of high-rise hotels and condos along the waterfront. Building permits for 3,149 new homes have been awarded so far this year in the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area, which includes part Brunswick County in North Carolina. 
Median sale price: $232,900

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North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton

Sarasota, Florida, has been a top resort community for more than a century, with golf introduced to the area in the 1880s. There are now more than 30 golf courses near downtown. The number of new homes popping up is also impressive, with 3,089 building permits taken out so far this year. 
Median sale price: $305,000

Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland-Winter Haven

A midsize city in Central Florida (about 25 miles inland), Lakeland has long been a significant agricultural center. Winter Haven, meanwhile, is a quickly growing resort area. Both are located between the major centers of Tampa and Orlando and offer low housing costs. About 2,803 new homes have been cleared for construction in 2019.
Median sale price: $209,900

Oklahoma City
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Oklahoma City

A major oil industry center, downtown Oklahoma City features the "Bricktown" historic district, a new library, a new performing arts center, and new sports venues. Builders have been busy constructing new homes, as well, taking out 2,780 permits so far this year. 
Median sale price: $162,400

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Provo is a college town in Utah, home to Brigham Young University. Orem is a suburban community just to the north. The Sundance Film Festival is held not too far way, in Park City. Builders have been issued permits for 2,698 new homes this year.
Median sale price: $297,800

Greenville, South Carolina


A city in the center of an old textile and agricultural region, South Carolina’s Greenville has more recently become known as a health and wellness destination, thanks to its relatively high altitude and views of the Appalachians. The downtown is well-maintained, vibrant, and historic. So far this year, builders have taken out permits for 2,615 new homes.
Median sale price: $227,400


Charleston-North Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina, is famous for its cobblestone streets and antebellum homes. Once a big port city, it is now a major tourism destination and refuge for people fleeing the harsher climate of the Northeast. Builders have taken out permits for 2,589 new homes this year. 
Median sale price: $298,600

St. Louis

St. Louis

An important center of commerce and culture, St. Louis had been on the decline for years. More recently the downtown has started to come back, with new residential facilities and reclaimed warehouse lofts downtown. There are also notable new sports venues. Builders in the city have taken out 2,555 permits for new homes in the St. Louis area so far this year.
Median sale price: $194,800



The auto industry famously hit rock bottom during the Great Recession, but Detroit has been on a roll the past few years. There are also some relatively new and prosperous suburbs spreading north of Detroit into Oakland County. Builders have taken out permits for 2,503 new homes in the area this year.
Median sale price: $158,900

Cape Coral

Cape Coral-Fort Myers

A community known for its palm-tree-lined streets, Florida’s Fort Myers is home to several baseball spring-training camps. The region also attracts a significant number of retirees. There have been 2,499 building permits for new homes issued this year.
Median sale price: $265,000



Known as a transportation and cultural gateway between the industrial north and the rural south, Cincinnati has experienced growth in financial services and commercial and manufacturing facilities in recent years. About 2,245 new single-family home permits have been issued in the city this year.
Median sale price: $194,100 

Kansas City

Kansas City

Kansas City is really two cities. Downtown and most of the city’s population are on the Missouri side of the Missouri River, while the Kansas side has fast-growing suburbs such as Overland Park. There have been 2,117 building permits for new homes issued this year. 
Median sale price: $227,000 

Virginia Beach
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Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News

The largest metropolitan area in Virginia, this region is known for its interesting mix of urban, suburban, waterfront, and inland environments. Norfolk is located to the south, and the large and rapidly growing Virginia Beach is along the Atlantic shore. About 2,114 building permits for single-family homes have been issued to date in 2019.
Median sale price: $247,000

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

Not only is Utah’s Salt Lake City the cultural capital and headquarters for the Mormon community, it’s also a rapidly growing cosmopolitan city that is a major commercial and cultural center. By some accounts, Salt Lake is a popular alternative to crowded Pacific destinations. Builders have been issued permits for 2,101 new homes in Salt Lake City.
Median sale price: $358,000



The Boston area is steeped in history and home to countless institutions of higher education. All of its attractions don’t come cheap — Boston is a particularly pricey place to live. Still, there’s a fair amount of building taking place: About 2,022 single-family home permits were issued this year.
Median sale price: $506,700