These Are the Most Reputable Companies, According to Boomers

front view of ROLEX store at night

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front view of ROLEX store at night
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Reputation Matters

Which companies do you hold in highest esteem? It may depend on your age. RepTrak, which gathers data to help companies understand how consumers perceive them, has released its annual list of the world's 100 most reputable companies. It also broke down its findings by generation. Unsurprisingly, boomers' top companies look a little (well, a lot) different than those of millennials, or Generation Z. Do you agree with your contemporaries? Read on to find out. 

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Canon Building Sign
Canon Building Sign by DennisM2 (None)

10. Canon

Boomers (defined by RepTrak as ages 56-64) aren't the only generation to approve of Canon  — Gen Z (defined as ages 18-25) also puts them in their top 10. The maker of cameras, printers, copiers, and other electronics finished in sixth place overall in RepTrak's rankings, the best showing for a tech company. 

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Sony, Pirelli, Microsoft
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What Other Generations Think

  • Gen X: Sony
  • Millennials: Pirelli
  • Gen Z: Microsoft

Gen X (defined as ages 41-55) is the only generation to rank Sony in its top 10; the same goes for millennials and tire giant Pirelli. Besides Gen Z, tech-savvy millennials (defined as ages 26-40) are the only other generation to give a spot in their top 10 list to Microsoft.

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Disney Logo On Shop Window

9. Disney

Boomers love Disney, but it turns out that Gen Z ranks Disney even higher on their list, putting the entertainment company at No. 6. Perhaps some of that admiration is thanks to streaming service Disney+, which has been a star performer for Disney while its theme parks have struggled during the pandemic. (Baby Yoda for the win.)

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Ferrero, Netflix, Rolex
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New Nordisk

8. Novo Nordisk

Boomers, perhaps at an age where they have a newfound appreciation for certain medications, are the only generation to put a pharmaceutical company in their top 10. Based in Denmark, Novo Nordisk is best known for making various forms of insulin for diabetics. 

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Levi Strauss, Barilla, Google
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What Other Generations Think

  • Gen X: Levi Strauss

  • Millennials: Barilla

  • Gen Z: Google

Gen X is the only age group to give a spot in its top 10 to denim icon Levi's, while carb-happy millennials are the only generation to feel so strongly about pasta maker Barilla.

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Adidas, Google, Lego
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What Other Generations Think

  • Gen X: Adidas

  • Millennials: Google

  • Gen Z: Lego

Believe it or not, this seventh-place finish is Lego's worst ranking among age groups. Turns out Gen Z may not be quite as enamored with the classic building toy as previous generations. 

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Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 9V-SKB

6. Singapore Airlines

Here's another curveball from Boomers, who are apparently dealing with some serious wanderlust. They're the only generation to rate Singapore Airlines so highly. The airline landed in 38th place overall, besting the only other two airlines in RepTrack's top 100: Lufthansa (52nd) and Emirates (69th). Shut out completely: Any U.S.-based airlines.

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Samsung, Ferrari, Disney
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Robert Bosch GmbH Center for Research and Advance Development
Daniel Kloe/istockphoto

5. Bosch

Perhaps spurred on by a year where their dishwashers and microwaves were more important than ever, Boomers kick off a wave of love for Bosch, which notches an impressive fourth-place finish overall. The only generation to pass over this maker of home appliances and tools for a spot in their top 10 was Gen Z.

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Ferrari, Adidas, Canon
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What Other Generations Think

  • Gen X: Ferrari

  • Millennials: Adidas

  • Gen Z: Canon

While Adidas also cracked the top 10 with Gen X, millennials rank the legendary sporting-goods company higher. Adidas also finishes in seventh place overall in RepTrack's rankings.

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front view of ROLEX store at night
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4. Rolex

It's not just Boomers who think highly of Rolex — millennials also put Rolex at No. 4 on their list, while Gen X puts the company at No. 3 and Gen Z at No. 9. In fact, Rolex is the only company other than Lego to make the top 10 list for every generation, and is the No. 2 company overall.

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Bosch, Rolex, Nintendo
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3. Harley-Davidson

Boomers are ready to feel the wind in their hair, and who can blame them? Interestingly, it turns out Gen X is an even bigger fan of Harley, placing the iconic motorcycle maker at No. 2 on their list. 

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Rolex, Bosch, Nike
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What Other Generations Think

  • Gen X: Rolex

  • Millennials: Bosch

  • Gen Z: Nike

Gen Z is the only age group to rank Nike so highly — the massive athletic company doesn't even make it into the top 10 of any other generation, and finishes in 22nd place overall. 

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Ferrari Engine block

2. Ferrari

Who can resist the appeal of an expensive Italian sports car? Certainly not boomers, who give Ferrari its highest ranking among age groups. Gen Z is the only generation to shut out Ferrari completely. Ferrari finishes third overall in RepTrack's rankings.

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Harley Davidson, Spotify, Lego
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What Other Generations Think

  • Gen X: Harley-Davidson

  • Millennials: Lego

  • Gen Z: Spotify

Spoti-what? Gen Z is the only generation to put this music streaming service in their top 10, and the company is brand new to RepTrack's top 100 list this year, finishing in 29th place overall.  

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1. Lego

Turns out that different generations can actually agree on something, afterall: Legos (and the Lego Group) will always rock, notching first place with Boomers, Gen X, and overall. 

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Lego, Microsoft, Netflix
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What Other Generations Think

  • Gen X: Lego 

  • Millennials: Microsoft

  • Gen Z: Netflix

Gen Z's pick for the most reputable company, Netflix, fails to crack any of the other generations' top-10 lists except for millennials', but finishes in a respectable 12th place overall. 

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