Poverty Finance: Redditors Who Grew Up Poor Share 8 Tips to Stretch Your Dollar

poor woman hand open empty purse looking for money for credit card debt


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poor woman hand open empty purse looking for money for credit card debt

Scraping By

If you grew up with money, you’ve likely never made a struggle meal out of kitchen scraps or foraged for food at an art opening. But Redditors who say they come from working-class backgrounds have, as they shared in a recent thread full of “poor hacks.” We’ve collected some of the most useful tips here for anyone who’s struggling to make ends meet, whether you can’t afford your next meal or just need to save a few bucks.

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Put It Together

Watch YouTube Before You Call a Handyperson

If you can do it yourself, don’t pay for it. You’d be surprised what you can fix yourself given the wealth of resources online, such as wikiHow, YouTube, and Reddit. That said, there are some DIY projects you should leave to the pros

Art Gallery Opening

Attend Art Openings

The only good thing about chichi events is that they’re often well-stocked with free hors d'oeuvres and drinks. “When I was poor and young, I would go to art openings for the snacks and free wine,” one Redditor writes. The same goes for Costco and Trader Joe’s, where you can cobble together a meal using free samples.

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Food Bank
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Fast Food
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