40 Meals Under 100 Calories Per Serving

Two Breakfast Egg Muffins with Cheese, Tomato and Green Vegetables on a White Plate Lined with a Blue Line Around the Rim

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Two Breakfast Egg Muffins with Cheese, Tomato and Green Vegetables on a White Plate Lined with a Blue Line Around the Rim
SEE D JAN/istockphoto

Calorie Crushers

Burning more calories each day than you take in can help you avoid weight gain, but deprivation can be unhealthy — so it's good to enjoy low-cal food to the fullest. These 100-calorie meals and snacks made from cheap, whole foods combine a variety of textures and flavors to make exciting treats that won’t taste too healthy or bland. As a bonus, smaller portions lower a food budget.

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Baked Parmesan Zucchini Crisps on a Wooden Cutting Board on a White Tablecloth
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Closeup of Homemade Baked Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Spinach and Cheese on a Wooden Cutting Board
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Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms (79 Calories)

Working protein into a dish for less than 100 calories is a feat, but mushrooms are one of the best options. This snack or light meal is stuffed with healthy and low-calorie spinach and tangy feta that is satisfying on many levels.

Recipe: Spark Recipes

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Closeup of Hummus with Oil and Herbs in a White Bowl

Hummus (80 Calories)

This creamy dip comes in handy when you’re watching calories but still need to participate in social gatherings — a quarter cup of this hummus is well below 100 calories. Stretching that with low-calorie celery and cucumber stalks makes this healthy snack feel more plentiful.

Recipe: Emily Bites

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Closeup of BLT Wonton Crunchies on a White Ceramic Rectangle Plate on a Natural Napkin

BLT Wonton Crunchies (93 Calories)

These savory and crunchy bites are a low-calorie snack but not especially healthy. Replacing the wheat-based shells with crunchy lettuce reduces the caloric load even more, which means an extra couple of bites.

Recipe: Hungry Girl

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Focus on a Jalapeno Pickled Egg Cut in Half on a Sage Green Plate with a Knife on a Wooden Table

Jalapeno Pickled Egg (88 Calories)

Pickled eggs are flavorful, filling, and high in protein. Customize them by experimenting with different vinegars and spices.

Recipe: Delicious Table

Homemade Delicious Chocolate Brownies. closeup chocolate cake

Black Bean Brownies (100 Calories)

OK, we know this sounds odd, but the reviews for this black bean-based brownie recipe are overwhelmingly positive — and they're packed with protein and fiber. Plus, each fudgy square is just 100 calories each, a mere drop in the bucket compared to most sweets.

Recipe: Lauren Fit Foodie

Closeup of Homemade Corn & Mango Salad in a Ceramic Brown Bowl
Brent Hofacker/shutterstock

Corn & Mango Salad (78 Calories)

A fresh salad combines sweet corn and mango into a flavorful explosion. Make it in the off-season with inexpensive thawed frozen corn and mango.

Recipe: Food Faith Fitness

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad in a White Bowl with a Small Whole Wheat Bread Roll on the Left Side

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad (80 Calories)

A hearty salad offers a considerable amount of protein, thanks to the chickpeas. Simple and easy to prepare, it works well packed as a snack or midday meal.

Recipe: Prevention

A Pile of Egg Muffins on a White Plate on a Rustic White Wooden Table

Egg Muffins (100 Calories)

Using muffin tins is a genius way to portion out what are essentially mini omelets. Keep some on hand for a quick and easy breakfast, lunch, or snack that is filling as well as filled with protein.

Recipe: Averie Cooks

Celery, Onion & Orange Salad in a White Bowl with a Fork on the Right Side on a Light Blue Wooden Table

Celery, Onion & Orange Salad (88 Calories)

A fresh salad that's tasty and pretty enough to serve at dinner parties and potlucks means being able to participate in social eating without having to worry about deviating from a diet. Substituting fennel and green beans can also work.

Recipe: Weight Loss Resources

Zucchini Ribbon Salad on Two Stacked White Square Plates on a Wooden Table

Zucchini Ribbon Salad (79 Calories)

A tasty and beautiful salad that feels much more ample that its caloric load would suggest. Using a vegetable peeler to make pasta-like ribbons from zucchini adds texture and volume.

Recipe: Hungry Girl

Closeup of Butternut & Red Pepper Soup Garnished with Fresh Oregano in a Ceramic Bowl
Closeup of Zoodle Soup at Noodles & Company in a Black Bowl
Closeup of Zoodle Soup at Noodles & Company in a Black Bowl by Tony Webster (CC BY)

Zoodle Soup (100 Calories)

Noodles in soup is a classic taste but nearly impossible to do under 100 calories. Luckily, spiralized zucchini noodles take on a similar texture for a satisfying stand-in at no extra cost.

Recipe: Reboot With Joe

Chicken Paillard and Salad on a White Plate
Chicken Paillard and Salad on a White Plate by Le Mai (CC BY-NC-ND)

Chicken Paillard (92 Calories)

A mini meal uses most of its calories for high-quality protein, which will help you feel full and satiated. Weighing the chicken cutlets will help keep portions uniform and within the calorie limit.

Recipe: Health

Fried Cauliflower with Vegetables in a White Bowl on a Red and White Napkin

Fried Cauliflower With Vegetables (100 Calories)

A twist on fried rice makes use of cauliflower, which is super low calorie and able to absorb flavors just like rice. Turn other rice dishes into calorie-conscious options by following the same principle.

Recipe: Women Daily

Closeup of Four Baked Apples in a Baking Pan
Dmytro Mykhailov/shutterstock

Baked Apple (89 Calories)

A sweet treat that is like the best part of an apple pie, with none of the guilt. Super healthy and satisfying, it's an easy and crowd-pleasing recipe that could outlast the need to calorie count.

Recipe: The Spruce Eats

Homemade Kettle Corn Popcorn Coming Out of a Bag on a Wooden Table
Brent Hofacker/shutterstock

Popcorn (100 Calories)

A lot of popcorn can fit into a 100-calorie portion — as much as 6 cups. This go-to snack is ideal for those who love to munch mindlessly and want to feel like they are eating a lot without packing on the pounds.

A Small Glass Bowl of Fruit & Yogurt with a Spoon on a Grey Wooden Table
Billion Photos/shutterstock

Fruit & Yogurt (95 Calories)

Sweet and satisfying, this nutrition-packed dish can be a go-to breakfast, snack, or dessert. If it's hot outside, pop it in the freezer for a bit for an extra cool, refreshing treat.

Recipe: Good to Know

Two Dessert Glasses of Key Lime Pudding with Two Spoons and Key Limes

Key Lime Pudding (89 Calories)

Calorie counting doesn't have to mean deprivation, as this tantalizing dessert recipe proves. Packed with intense flavors, a little goes a long way, so one serving will be enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Recipe: Ready Set Eat

Closeup of Four Mocha Ice Pops on a Blue Wooden Cutting Board on a Wooden Table
Brent Hofacker/shutterstock

Mocha Ice Pop (54 Calories)

A super-low-calorie frozen treat combines ice cream and coffee. This can stand in for dessert or a midday pick-me-up to offset cravings — and maybe even for breakfast.

Recipe: Eating Well

Closeup of Six Oatmeal Raisin Cookies on a Black Baking Grid with Cookie Crumbs on a Natural Wooden Table
Brent Hofacker/shutterstock

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (81 Calories)

A treat that can be indulged in guilt-free — it's a relatively nutritious cookie, and oat flour helps keep the glycemic index low, which is good for anyone with blood sugar issues.

Recipe: Oatmeal With a Fork

A Sheet of Nutella Blondies Cut Into Pieces on a White Piece of Wax Paper on a Wooden Cutting Board with a Cutting Knife

Nutella Blondie (59 Calories)

Indulgently gooey and chocolatey, these dessert bars are worth every calorie. The lack of refined flour and the use of beans is what helps keep them nutritious, though it's impossible to guess by tasting them.

Recipe: Chocolate Covered Katie

Closeup of Four Chocolate Chip Cookies on a Metal Wire Baking Sheet on a Brown and White Checkered Tablecloth
Brenda Carson/shutterstock

Chocolate Chip Cookie (99 Calories)

Even people who count calories need a good chocolate chip cookie every once in a while. But make every calorie count and indulge in a single good cookie that will really satisfy.

Recipe: Eating Well

Top View of Strawberry Smoothie in a Glass Mason Jar on a Red and White Checkered Napkin

Strawberry Smoothie (100 Calories)

Smoothies are the healthy cousins of milkshakes, and can be just as tasty. Using frozen strawberries keeps costs low and helps achieve a creamy texture.

Recipe: Cooking With Jax

Banana Ice Cream in a Small White Bowl on a White Napkin Surrounded By Pieces of Caramel

Banana Ice Cream (100 Calories)

How this life hack has eluded generations of people will never be clear, but one thing is for sure: Turning ripe bananas into ultra creamy, satisfying ice cream is a must for calorie counters. This is especially handy when summertime cravings hit.

Recipe: One Ingredient Chef

Closeup of Three Slices of Cinnamon Oranges with Sticks of Cinnamon on a Wooden Cutting Board

Cinnamon Oranges (86 Calories)

Using spices is a super cheap and low-calorie way to add instant flavor and dimension to simple ingredients. This can be a snack or light and refreshing dessert.

Recipe: Eating Well

Closeup of Green Beans and Potatoes in Chunky Tomato Sauce in a White Bowl

Green Beans and Potatoes in Chunky Tomato Sauce (70 Calories)

This side dish, originally from Cooking Light, offers straightforward prep — and a satisfying dose of carbs thanks to the inclusion of potatoes. Reviewers note you can mix up the veggies, like adding asparagus, to vary the flavors.

Recipe: MyRecipes

Top View of Healthy Steak Stir-Fry in a Cast Iron Skillet on a Rustic Wooden Table

Healthy Steak Stir-Fry (95 Calories)

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean bland, as this Asian-influenced dish — complete with protein in the form of boneless beef sirloin steak — attests. Those who like a bit of zip will delight in the flavor combo of ginger root, a dash of steak sauce, garlic, and brown sugar. Those who love their veggies will savor the addition of broccoli and mushrooms, as well.

Recipe: AllRecipes

Closeup of Curried Winter Squash in White and Black Bowl

Curried Winter Squash (100 Calories)

It doesn’t have to be winter squash season for you to enjoy this heartwarming dish that offers plenty of fiber along with a rich flavor. It features a super-easy prep that allows you to choose your favorite squash (acorn, perhaps?), and, as a weeknight bonus, it comes together in roughly 35 minutes.

Recipe: Food Network

One Mini Pumpkin Butterscotch Muffin on a Round Baking Wire Pan on a Wooden Table

Mini Pumpkin Butterscotch Muffins (75 Calories)

If baked goods are your go-to splurge, you don’t have to feel shut out when watching your calorie intake. This recipe is lush with the creaminess of pumpkin and the salty-sweetness of butterscotch, and creates an ideal snack that’s less than 100 calories. More than 350 reviewers gave it an average of 4.5 out of five stars.

Recipe: AllRecipes

Top View of Kale Chips in a Small White Bowl on a White and Tan Checkered Napkin Surrounded By Kale Chips

Kale Chips (58 Calories)

Finding 100-calorie snacks that you can make yourself doesn’t have to be a monumental task, as this recipe clearly demonstrates. Fresh kale, olive oil, and a sprinkle of sea salt are all it takes to create a baked snack that this recipe creator notes is the “perfect go-to snack when you have the serious munchies.”

Recipe: Eat Yourself Skinny

Top View of Salted Caramel, Low-Calorie Oatmeal in a Stack of Two Black Ceramic Bowls on a Dark Grey Background

Salted Caramel, Low-Calorie Oatmeal (100 Calories)

Oatmeal isn’t always considered part of a low-calorie diet, but this recipe is a most-welcome interpretation of the breakfast staple, resulting in a 100-calorie oatmeal that brings something sweet to the table, too.

Recipe: Health Beet

Two Shrimp and Mango Summer Dipping Rolls on a Square White Plate on a Round Avocado Green Tablemat

Shrimp and Mango Summer Dipping Rolls (75 Calories)

Shrimp, mango, and fresh mint combine so well, you may not crave those classic fried egg rolls. Indeed, this is a lighter take on that favorite appetizer, using airy rice paper and fresh ingredients that may leave you satisfied with just one. There’s even a complementary recipe for a lime juice and Sriracha-based dipping sauce that won’t tip the calorie count.

Recipe: MyRecipes

Closeup of Keto Chicken Soup in a White and Blue Bowl on a White Wooden Table

Keto Chicken Soup (100 Calories)

A chill in the air signals the time for a hearty bowl of soup, and this option makes an ideal 100-calorie lunch. Old-fashioned comfort is embedded in this healthy recipe that provides a modern kick, thanks to tomatillos, cilantro, and lime. The recipe creator also offers a number of ingredient tips to customize to your taste.

Recipe: I Breathe, I’m Hungry

Closeup of Greek Yogurt Tuna Salad in a Blue and Brown Ceramic Bowl

Greek Yogurt Tuna Salad (100 Calories)

As this recipe’s description notes, “No mayo, no problem.” Probiotic-rich Greek yogurt gives this version of tuna salad a tangy touch further enhanced by Dijon mustard. Its flavorful spin makes it an attractive choice for a satisfying 100-calorie lunch.

Recipe: Cooking Light

Closeup of Five Healthy Deviled Eggs in a Circle on a Decorative Glass Plate with Garnish on a White Table

Healthy Deviled Eggs (47 Calories)

Deviled eggs are not just hors d'oeuvres. As this recipe’s creator notes, they make for an unexpected breakfast under 100 calories; this version gets its zest from low-calorie mayo along with mustard, vinegar, and optional paprika.

Recipe: Health Beet

Peaches and Cream Smoothie in a Glass Mason Jar on a Rectangle Wooden Cutting Board with Slices of Peaches

Peaches and Cream Smoothie (84 Calories)

Unsweetened almond or coconut milk is the secret ingredient in this creamy drink that offers a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or a sub-100-calorie breakfast option. For convenience (and year-round prep), you can use frozen peaches instead of fresh.

Recipe: Scattered Thoughts of A Crafty Mom

Top View of Four Grilled Pineapple Slices on a Rustic Olive Wood Board with Two Garlic Slices and an Olive Wood Bowl of Herbs

Grilled Pineapple Slices (92 Calories)

No one will realize this preparation has calorie-counting in mind, since it’s a fresh-fruit treat that combines simple but rich ingredients in a clever way. Fresh pineapple, coconut milk, and cinnamon sugar team up for a killer combo that comes together thanks to a grill, indoor or out.

Recipe: AllRecipes

Closeup of Three Bacon Brussels Sprout Skewers on a Wooden Board

Bacon Brussels Sprout Skewers (75 Calories)

Wait, did we say bacon? Yes, we did. Thick-cut bacon is wrapped around Brussels sprouts for a (less-than) 100-calorie snack, appetizer, or keto-friendly meal. You’re welcome!

Recipe: Delish

Closeup of Low-Calorie Fruit Ambrosia in a Martini Glass

Low-Calorie Fruit Ambrosia (58 Calories)

Do you look longingly at a slice of cheesecake or a bowl of full-fat ice cream? Well, you can still enjoy a rich-and-creamy dessert with this clever recipe that’s fancy (and tasty) enough to serve guests. Fat-free yogurt, whipped topping and sugar-free pudding mix combine for a fluffy base that keeps you feeling far from deprived.

Recipe: SparkRecipes