Orange soda TikTok hack


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Who knew that the secret to unlocking a nostalgic taste of summer could be easily recreated at McDonald's? Thanks to a TikTok video that's as simple as it is genius, you can now transform an orange soda fountain drink into a delightful treat that tastes just like an Orange Creamsicle. 

The magic ingredient? Those tiny disposable coffee creamers you likely have stashed away for emergencies. As it turns out, adding a dash of creamer to a glass of Orange Fanta (or any orange-flavored soda) creates a concoction that’s remarkably reminiscent of the beloved ice cream.

"It's nice and creamy," says the TikToker in the video below, while his friend adds, "You still get that nice tang and carbonation from the soda but it's rich and creamy and [does] taste like an Orange Creamsicle." 

@partyshirt McDonald’s Orange Creamsicle? via @hasaneats ♬ original sound - X & Ivy

Here's how to recreate the hack: Order a fountain drink from McDonald's and fill it with Fanta, or you can also grab a can of your favorite orange soda like Fanta, Sunkist, or even a generic store brand will work. Pour it into a glass, leaving a little room at the top. Then, take one or two of those mini creamer cups — the kind you find in diners or at the office coffee station — and pour it in. Stir it with a straw and watch as the soda swirls and transforms both in color and taste.

The creamer adds a smooth, creamy texture to the soda to help balance the tangy citrus flavor and make it richer and more decadent. Other users who recreated the hack were in agreement, with one saying, "That's good — it tastes just like an Orange Creamsicle," while another adds, "Oh my god, 100 percent this is a creamsicle; I'm loving it." 

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Sippin' on Nostalgia

Next time you're at the McDonald's drive-thru or at the grocery store, remember to grab some orange soda and a pack of disposable creamers. With just these two ingredients, you'll be well on your way to impress guests at the next holiday party, or for when you're looking for a sweet treat or afternoon pick-me-up. 

Cheers to TikTok trends that remind us of childhood and simpler days spent chasing sunsets andice cream trucks, all the while indulging in sweet and creamy Orange Creamsicles. 

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