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Some McDonald's Are Doing Away With $1 Drinks

If the $1 any-size soft drinks at McDonald's have brought you a sliver of solace during a time when just about everything is getting more expensive, brace yourself. Some franchisees are walking away from the universal $1 charge for fountain beverages at the Golden Arches, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Despite McDonald's parent company advising restaurants to keep drinks of every size on the dollar menu, owners were finding that it hurt profitability, the Journal reports. McDonald's locations that have stopped selling dollar drinks made the move under the radar, by removing advertisements for the deal and increasing the price without calling attention to the change.

The shift comes as inflation continues to surge — fast food prices were up more than 7% last month. It might be time to dine in and load up on free refills if you're still looking for a good deal on drinks at Mickey D's.

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