Foods That Are Getting More Expensive

Milk stream pouring into a bowl with сornflakes close-up. Milk splash on a cup with flakes macro on a blue background.


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Milk stream pouring into a bowl with сornflakes close-up. Milk splash on a cup with flakes macro on a blue background.

Wallet-Draining Groceries

Inflation has spread its wings out and touched just about every industry imaginable, causing prices of gas, lumber, and even groceries to skyrocket. But inflation isn’t the only reason why certain grocery staples are becoming more expensive. We’ve compiled a list of some of the foods that are getting more expensive and offer alternative options to consider if you’re looking to save money at the grocery store.

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Large Russet Potatoes

Russet Potatoes

Mashed, scalloped, baked — there are countless ways to prepare potatoes, making them a grocery staple for many households. But potatoes aren’t just known for being versatile — typically, you can grab a 5-pound bag for $3 or less. Thanks to drought in key potato-producing states like Washington and Idaho — which are responsible for 55% of U.S. production according to Farm Bureau — prices are expected to reach record highs. 

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Japanese Steamed Rice

Potatoes: What to Get Instead

When it comes to starch sides, rice and potatoes are pretty interchangeable. But when you dissect the price differences, you’re likely to find yourself reaching for a bag of rice over a sack of potatoes. For starters, rice expands as you cook it, so a little goes a long way. So while a 5 lb. bag of potatoes that costs $3 might get you three side dishes, the same amount of rice will cost about $7 and you can stretch it exponentially further. You can hit Costco or Sam’s Club to find giant bags of rice that will last you even longer.

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Nabisco OREO Milk's Favorite Cookie family size package


Milk’s favorite cookie is getting pricier. The snack is expected to increase by about 7% in cost, attributable to the rising costs of packaging and transportation, not to mention a shortage of drivers to keep the beloved treat on the shelves.

Chocolate cookies cream on white.
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Woman checking ingredients on back of milk carton in supermarket


Milk is a go-to at the grocery store and is a key ingredient in many recipes. But with the highest prices since 2014, many shoppers are experiencing some serious sticker shock. So why is milk getting more expensive? In addition to transportation shortages that are impacting just about every industry, the price of feed for dairy cows has jumped, resulting in a need to charge more for milk and offset costs.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Vanilla Milk carton

Milk: What to Get Instead

You can often find almond milk for a lower price than a gallon of cow’s milk these days. You can also choose from different varieties like vanilla, chocolate, and sweetened or unsweetened options.

Brown Eggs


The price of eggs has gone up more than 11% this year, making those cute chicks at farm stores look even more enticing. But don’t rush to blame global supply issues and inflation for the increases — apparently the main culprit is none other than bird flu. Around 18 million egg-laying hens have been infected with the disease this year — that’s 6% of the nation’s flock.

Apple sauce

Eggs: What to Get Instead

If you’re using eggs for a breakfast scramble, you can explore different liquid egg substitutes. When it comes to baking, many recipes will allow for applesauce in place of egg — and you can get a pretty big jar of applesauce that will last a long time if it’s reserved for baking.

Fully loaded shelves with chicken meat in large supermarket


With the prices of eggs rising thanks to bird flu, it’s no surprise that the cost of chicken is skyrocketing too. Price jumps for feed are also one of the biggest contributors to the high price of chicken which is as high as 70% year-over-year in the first half of 2022.

Raw Chicken in Butchers Paper

Chicken: What to Get Instead

Instead of buying chicken breasts or tenderloins, you can buy a whole chicken and cut it down yourself. Also, watch for sales and stock your freezer when prices are down.

Ground Beef in plastic containers


Drought challenges and rising costs for feeding cattle have caused beef to become more expensive. Prices were 16% more in January than they were just a year earlier, affecting all ends of the spectrum from ground beef to prime cuts. 

Raw Ground Chicken

Beef: What to Get Instead

Ground turkey is a cheaper alternative for ground beef, albeit leaner. If you’re wanting a steak dinner, go for cheaper cuts like sirloin or patio steaks.

Ritz Crackers

Ritz Crackers

Like Oreos, Ritz crackers are produced by snack maker Mondelez. The company has been grappling with transportation and packaging struggles, which are responsible for 7% price hikes of the salty snack.

assorted cracker background

Ritz Crackers: What to Get Instead

The cracker aisle is ever-abundant with options, so finding a cheaper substitute for Ritz should be a breeze — and there’s always store brand alternatives that tend to feature lower prices.

The nipple on the top of a newly opened mayonnaise jar being spooned out.
Gary Webber/istockphoto


Price hikes of mayonnaise might seem off-the-wall, but apparently the price of one of the key ingredients in the condiment — soybean oil — has gone up as well, creating a domino effect. 

Avocado on old wooden table in bowl.
Milan Krasula/istockphoto

Mayonnaise: What to Get Instead

While it might sound strange, avocado is actually a great substitute for mayonnaise. When spread, it is a similar consistency and has a mild taste, so it works well for sandwiches, as well as creamy dressings.

Bacon Frying on The Grill


If you’re someone who believes everything is better with bacon, we’ve got some bad news for you. With feed costs rising and inflation lingering, everything from pork chops to bacon is getting pricier. 

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Cooking Turkey Bacon

Pork: What to Get Instead

Think outside of the bacon box. Try turkey bacon, bacon bits from Costco, or price out pork loin to see if there’s a bargain.

woman's hand choosing orange in supermarket


Thanks to a destructive citrus-targeting disease impacting parts of the U.S., the cost of oranges is steadily increasing — making orange juice more expensive, too.

woman picking watermelon in grocery shop
Campbell's soup

Campbell’s Soup

Campbell’s Soup has now increased its prices twice in the last year with a third increase in limbo. The rising costs are in response to inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain issues.

Tomato Soup

Campbell’s Soup: What to Get Instead

Don’t miss out on sales, use coupons when you can, and check out store brand options to take advantage of lower prices.

Chips Ahoy

Chips Ahoy! Cookies

Another Mondelez snack, the price of Chips Ahoy! cookies has increased causing consumers everywhere to hop on the phone and ask Grandma for her chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Homemade Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chips Ahoy! Cookies: What to Get Instead

Homemade chocolate chip cookies go a lot further than a box of Chips Ahoy! Not to mention, you can spend less than $20 on all of the ingredients you need and use most of them (except the chocolate chips) to make several batches.



I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter is about to see a new surge of believers. The price of butter has seen increases as high as 40% in just a year’s time. Declining cow herds, rising costs of packaging, and labor shortages are to blame for the hike. 

spreading margarine butter onto bread

Butter: What to Get Instead

Most grocers offer store-brand butter that might reflect lower prices than big name brands. Margarine, like I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter or Country Crock, is also a viable substitute. Consider olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, too.

Kellogg's raisin bran cereal box

Kellogg’s Cereal

There is virtually no industry that is untouched by inflation in 2022. Kellogg’s is one company that has experienced some trouble offsetting costs thanks to inflation, so the cereal has gotten more expensive to salvage profits.

Honey Nut Cheerios spilling out of clear bag on wooden table

Kellogg’s Cereal: What to Get Instead:

If there was ever a time to look into generic options, this would be the year. Clip coupons and buy in bulk if you must have your favorite cereal. 

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Jell-o Brand Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix

Jell-O Pudding

Suddenly Juanita’s “You got a banana, you don't need no snack pack,” iconic line from “Billy Madison” has reached all-time relevancy. The price of Jell-O pudding is yet another increase caused by packaging increases and inflation.

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Chocolate treat

Jell-O Pudding: What to Get Instead

Check out other brands of pudding to find the best price, and check out Costco or Sam’s Club to buy in bulk. If you’re inclined, you can also make pudding from scratch — it’s probably easier (and cheaper) than you think.

Grey Poupon dijon mustard

Grey Poupon Mustard

Do you have any Grey Poupon? If not, it’s probably because price increases have caused consumers to reach for other mustard options instead over the famed mustard with a touch of white wine. Amazingly, Kraft Heinz released a limited-edition white wine infused with mustard seeds last year to appeal to fans of the stuff. 

Traditional dijon mustard in a glass jar