12 Products That Don't Work As They Should, Yet People Still Buy Them


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Fault Printer 2 - White Space Removed
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Enough Of The Nonsense.

Many of us are capable of carrying onward with profound levels of stubbornness when it comes to continuing to buy lousy products and/or stay signed on for seemingly purposeless subscriptions, simply because we're so accustomed to our routines. 

The reality is though that there are far too many products available for purchase in this steadily inflating world that are not worth all the financial fuss. It could be that new Wi-Fi-enhanced printer that seems to have been on its own sabbatical since you picked it up from the store. Or maybe, it's the simple yet wildly ineffective parts of various packaging where it states "tear here" and it will do anything but tear there. 

This AskReddit thread-inspired piece covers all those frustratingly low-performing products and more. 


But It Feels So Good.

Using Q-Tips on your ears are one of those dangerously tempting activities that people to this day seem to find themselves divided on. There are plenty of folks that will passionately leap to the forefront of a heated Q-Tips debate to tell you that they are not at all good to use on your ears. Just as there are plenty of other folks that swear by just how good a proper Q-Tips cleaning feels, and almost seem ready to say, "so what, it's worth it in the end." 


So Basically, There's Nothing Magical About Them.

Unfortunately, there are far too many products available in this day and age that while they may claim to be all kinds of "magical", are anything but that. In fact, they're prone toward making one's life that much more complicated. It sounds like when faced with the choice between a magical detangling brush and a simple wet brush, the wet brush is the way to go. 

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Turns Out Our Bodies Are Already Pretty Good At The Whole Detox Thing.

Maybe blame the highly effective marketing campaigns that have sailed out from the world's most cunning agencies that are on occasion terribly effective at misleading folks too busy or careless to check the wild claims accompanying miracle products. 

There are plenty of people that have placebo'ed themselves into an odds-defying state of bliss, but there are also too many folks that have forked over their hard-earned cheddar for detox drinks and other products that quite literally did nothing. 

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Why Do They Deceive Us So.

If only they would tear as they claim they would. Life would be so much easier. Effortless, really.


It Really Shouldn't Be Like This.

With how rapidly technology continues to evolve, you'd think we'd have gotten ourselves to a comfortable point where we wouldn't have to regularly deal with faulty printers. Alas, we should be so lucky. 


A Fancy Enough Word.

Turns out normal candles can do the trick. Plus, there are so many more aromas to pick and choose from. 

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After One Use Though.

We're all about supporting those products that bring with their reliable operating, the potential for the lifetime value seal of approval. So, when you tell us that there are folks out there that are falling prey to purported military-grade products that break after one use, you better believe we're fired up. 


All That Unnecessary Spillage.

Nobody likes having to deal with a spill that otherwise could've easily have been avoided. 


Tis The Season.

While there are some pumpkin carving kits that are available out there that aren't absolutely horrendous and ready to break at a moment's notice, there are far too many that literally just leave you wondering why you went and wasted your money in the first place. 

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Plus, They Don't Even Work That Well Sometimes.

It could be the aggressive marketing and airy promises featured on various all-natural deodorants' labeling, but the unfortunate news is that there are far too many fancy deodorants that simply do not do the trick. 


Now That Is Just Nonsense.

Unfortunately, there are folks out there that will continue to fall for this.