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10 Easy Ways to Keep Up With the Kardashians for Less

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Following the trials and tribulations of the Kardashian family has become a national pastime. Last year's season premiere of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" drew more than 2.5 million viewers, according to industry news site The Wrap, many of whom want to emulate Kim, Khlo�, and the rest.

British plastic surgery clinic Transform recently estimated the cost of looking like each Kardashian: Emulating Kylie Jenner would come to about $24,240; getting Kim's style rounds up to about $32,600; looking like Khlo� would set fans back $26,010; and staying ageless like Kris Jenner would cost about $70,270. For wannabes without Kardashian cash, here's a cheat sheet for mimicking the celebrity clan on a shoestring.

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For less than $10, anyone's eyelashes can rival those of the Kardashians. The sisters claim to use their own makeup line, Kardashian Beauty, to get their dramatic, anything-but-natural looks, and prices are as low as $7 for false eyelashes. But on Snapchat, Kim's makeup artist attested to using drugstore makeup on clients. One of his favorites is L'Or閍l Paris Voluminous Mascara -- $6 at Walmart, compared with $10 for the Kardashian Beauty version.

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The Kardashians have single-handedly changed makeup trends with their preference for contouring their faces to the point of being unrecognizable from their previous selves. A little online searching brings up plenty of techniques for getting the look. Entire Pinterest boards are devoted to finding cheap ways to contour � la Kardashian. Pull out that highlighting powder and bronzer and start perusing the web for instructions.

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Amid raising three young children (with help from a herd of nannies) and all the drama with former partner Scott Disick, Kourt always manages to stay perfectly coiffed. So how does she get those shiny, pin-straight, nearly waist-length locks? It's likely a combination of hair extensions and being born with it; she claims to do nothing to her hair except put it in a bun. At any rate, if Kourtney-esque hair is on your Kardashian bucket list, try a hair mask, which Kourtney has mentioned using on occasion. Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask ($7.50 at Drugstore.com) garners raves from reviewers.

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The Kardashian brood, from North to Mason to Penelope, is constantly photographed in capelets, leather, and head-to-toe matching ensembles, showing that they have just as much style as their mamas. But is North West's fur coat fit for the average Jane? One mom dressed her daughter in items from the Kardashian Kids clothing line for a few days and admitted in Vanity Fair that leather and tulle aren't the best options for the playground. On a positive note, the line is sold in stores such as Toys R Us and priced for the everyday kid; gold metallic leggings, for example, go for $13.

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Say what you will about Kris Jenner, but she certainly pulls off styles that women half her age are scared to try. So what's the cheapest way to dip into that fountain of youth? This mom is known to steal her daughters' clothing and wear it with utmost confidence. She couldn't care less what embarrasses her girls; after all, she made them, as she never fails to remind them. Copy Kris's "chutzpah" by dipping into a daughter's wardrobe, and never once question whether it looks good, because it's all about the attitude. If that's not an option, shopping at Forever 21 is sure to make even the most cynical feel young again -- or else really, really out of shape.

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Kylie put herself on the map with the sudden transformation of her pucker from thin grin to pillow lips. It took her months to admit to getting lip injections, and then only after teens worldwide tried to imitate her pout by sucking on bottles and causing their lips to bruise and swell. This may be a cheap way to ape the Kardashian look, but it's unbelievably misguided. Instead, follow the star and try her lip liner of choice, according to sister Kim: MAC Lip Pencil in Spice ($16.50). It's cheaper than a doctor visit after trying all the silly tricks that show up in a Google search for "get Kylie's lips." But imitators beware -- time is money, and Kylie allegedly spends 40 minutes on her lips alone.

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Kendall, the shy one in the family, prefers strutting her stuff on the runway and dating Harry Styles to taking selfie after selfie. (There's not much of a need, with her face in every magazine these days. It pays to have Kris as a momager.) Kendall's best known for her cool, model-chic wardrobe, which of course includes loads of freebies from designers -- anyone and everyone in the fashion world. We can't all get piles of designer clothing for free, so the best option is to study blogs devoted to imitating Kendall's look. Steal Her Style devotes post after post to Kendall's fashions.

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Khlo�, once the big, funny one, has remade herself into a sex symbol with her devotion to the top fitness trainers in the industry, who aren't accessible to mere mortals. Now lean, mean, and blond, Khlo� is laughing all the way to the bank thanks to her new look and the endorsement deals that resulted. There is one free element in her workout routine that anyone can adopt: According to E News, the new and improved Khlo� does plyometric pushups -- get in plank position, push off the ground with your hands, and land back down.

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Kanye West recently went on a Twitter rampage about 2-year-old daughter North's out-of-control accidental purchases through kids' video game apps. No doubt the expense upset him -- as it does other parents who aren't so well off. A simple way to solve this problem is to go to the Apple support page and learn how to turn on "Restrictions." Random in-app purchases on daddy's iPad: $$$. Googling "prevent purchases on your phone": priceless.

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The Kardashians are the lucky recipients of comps up the wazoo (hotels, cars, clothes, cosmetics, meals -- the list goes on and on and on). But who says the average schmo can't get a freebie here and there? Use Cheapism.com's tips to claim tons of free stuff, including food and beauty products. No shilling or paparazzi photos required.