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Love mayo so much that you wish you could live in it? Kraft has the perfect solution to your obsession: a mayonnaise-themed tracksuit.

If you just had a negative visceral reaction to that news, you're not alone. But it's a safe bet that the Smooth Lover's collection, as it's being called, is going to sell out quickly anyway. It's a collaboration between Kraft Real Mayo and Juicy Couture, the brand that peaked in the early aughts selling comfy velour tracksuits bedazzled with words on the hiney that Gen Xers and millennials often feel nostalgic over.

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The mayo couture outfit includes a deep blue plush velour tracksuit with "long live velvety" in blinged-out text on the back of the hoodie and "smooth" on the back of the pants. To complete the ensemble, you also get a white tube top emblazoned with "mayo couture," plus a "tube top" with a sparkly Kraft logo that fits around your mayo jar, just in case you wanted to carry your mayonnaise as an accessory, of course.

The whole shebang is available for preorder on the Mayo Couture website. It costs $150, which could buy a whole lot of mayo — even Hellman's or Duke's, dare we say it. Should preorders sell out and you still really want the ensemble, don't worry, because it'll be back in stock Nov. 4.

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