KFC Chicken restaurant. Kentucky Fried Chicken is offering Uber and Door Dash delivery and drive thru service during social distancing.


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Feel like you're waiting forever when you're in a drive-thru line? If you're grabbing a meal at KFC, you're not imagining things. According to a survey by the chicken chain, waits have increased 20 seconds this year, and they're averaging 6 minutes and 30 seconds — a veritable eternity in drive-thru time.

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KFC's solution: It wants you to skip the drive-thru and use its Quick Pick-Up service instead. With Quick Pick-Up, customers order food on the KFC app or website, park in a dedicated spot at the restaurant, and run in to grab their food off a shelf inside.  

This isn't a new idea, though it's mostly a concept that has been limited to fast-casual restaurants including Chipotle and Sweetgreen. However, other fast-food titans such as McDonald's, Burger King, and Popeyes also have plans for similar pick-up options in the works.

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To motivate diners to get out of their cars, KFC is offering its customers free large fries with a $5 purchase through Dec. 27 — as long as they grab them using Quick Pick-Up, of course.

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