jet puffed pillow


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Buying pillows used to be so simple. You either got one stuffed with feathers or synthetic fluff and selected your firmness — from cloud-like to something short of hard. These days, some bed pillows come scented with coconuts or lavender and sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But there's one delicious new option you can find for under $2 on Amazon: Jet-Puffed's marshmallow pillow.

To stay true to the brand's marshmallow production methods, the design of the pillow echoes Jet-Puffed's process of adding a precise amount of air into its marshmallows for optimal fluffiness, it says. Though it isn't filled with edible morsels, the queen-size pillow is made with satiny white fabric and stuffed with 100% recycled polyester fiber fill. The sweetest part? The marshmallow pillow has the same price tag as a bag of the brand's tasty treat: $1.79.

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Jet-Puffed's latest innovation arrives as talk of potentially ending the twice-a-year switch to and from daylight saving time continues to swirl, leaving us to hope that the pillow's sold-out status might be rectified if daylight saving time does, in fact, become permanent.

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