11 of Jackie Kennedy's Most Stunning Looks

Jackie Kennedy in India 1962

Courtesy of wikimedia.org

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Jackie Kennedy in India 1962
Courtesy of wikimedia.org


Jackie Kennedy Onassis was an American style icon, and Americans everywhere will remember her graceful elegance, dedication to arts and culture, and keen eye for fashion. Whether it was her dramatic eyewear or classic outfits, she inspired many women to reinvent their fashion choices. Check out Cheapism's 11 picks for Jackie's most stunning looks and a few budget-friendly ideas to try yourself. She and John F. Kennedy, then a senator, were married Sept. 12, 1953.

The Pillbox Hat
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Named after the hexagonal cases that pills used to come in, the pillbox hat was a staple in Jackie's wardrobe. The flat crown and absence of a brim added a minimal yet classic touch to her outfits. Not sure where to start? Consider Etsy and Amazon as starting points. Pair with a mono-color work dress and simple flats for a unique retro look.

Fashionable Oversized Buttons
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Jackie wore countless hallmark outfits designed by Oleg Cassini, many sporting classic cuts and unique oversized buttons. For those with sewing skills, grab your favorite peacoat. Channel the "Jackie Look" and switch out your coat's buttons for vintage buttons that you can buy online or at a local fashion accessories shop.

Steal the Show in a Caped Evening Gown
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Caped dresses are all the rage nowadays, but Jackie Kennedy was decades ahead of the game. She wore a caped evening gown to her husband's inaugural ball in 1961. To try the elegant yet powerful look, look to fast fashion sites like ASOS or staples like Macy's.

Don't Forget the Pearl Necklace
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Few celebrities grace the red carpet in one or two accessories these days, but Jackie did exactly that, no matter what the occasion. She donned little jewelry and was often seen with earrings and three strands of pearls. Cheapism found a good deal at Macy's.

A Silk Headscarf Can Make an Outfit
Wikimedia Commons


Few can pull off a headscarf without looking frumpy, but Jackie frequently paired silk Hermes scarves with her glamorous sunglasses. The headscarves concealed her hair, but they added style and an air of mystery. Check out the best selling, inexpensive headscarves on Amazon and best ways to style them.

Wear a Bright Dress with Flair
Courtesy of jfklibrary.org


When Jackie Kennedy visited in India in 1962, she stole the show in a bright apricot Oleg Cassini dress. Take a page from Jackie's book and don't shy away from bright colored dresses. Match with a cute bow belt in a contrasting color and neutral-colored clutch and shoes.

Go Summer Casual with a Fedora
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Jackie Kennedy looked stunning in casual clothing too, even if it was just shorts and a summer shirt. Get the look by pairing your favorite pair of high-waisted shorts with a sleeveless, button-down shirt. Add a breezy fedora and thong sandals to complete the summery look.

Wear a Black Top with White Pants
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Jackie wore tailored white slacks with a black shirt and went barefoot while strolling with her son in Rome in 1966. It may look simple, but don't underestimate this classic outfit. Pick your favorite black shirt and pair with white pants, be it straight leg or wide leg. Macy's offers a sale on a stylish pair at time of writing.

The White Trench Coat
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In 1970, Jackie Kennedy was spotted leaving her London hotel in a pristine white trench coat. She wore it with white pants, boots, and oversized sunglasses, of course. Trench coats can get pricey depending on the brand, so keep an eye on coat racks at Burlington Coat Factory, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx for seasonal sales.

Oversized Sunglasses
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Supersized sunglasses were a trademark of Jackie's. Even though she was very much a public figure, the sunglasses conveyed her wish to remain private and hidden at times. Oversized, budget-friendly sunglasses can be found everywhere, but consider the best frames for different face shapes.

The Pink Chanel Suit
Wikimedia Commons


Jackie wore a pink Chanel suit on the tragic day of President Kennedy's assassination. The suit is currently stored at the National Archives (out of public view), but the iconic suit remains embedded in many Americans' minds. See modern interpretations of pink suits for women on Pinterest.