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What's with the lame McFlurry flavors that McDonald's is slinging in the U.S.? At most locations, we've had the same two flavor choices cemented to the menu for what feels like forever: Oreo or M&M's. 

I'm sorry, but we need to have words with whoever brought back the M&M's option while Reese's was exiled from the McDonald's menu in 2012. In what world do ridiculously hard mini M&Ms that assault your teeth belong swirled into vanilla soft serve? I'll answer: A boring world with only two mundane McFlurry options. 

Head overseas, however, and you'll discover a myriad of eclectic and inventive takes on the McFlurry that sound so good that you'll want to slap Ronald McDonald. (Never mind the fact that they're just one of many international McDonald's menu items that we're missing out on)

@snackolator Which of these McFlurry flavors from McDonald's would you want to try? I'd love any of them, but the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Raspberry Custard pie would be my first two choices... and check out the Squishmallows review on this channel if you haven't seen it yet! #mcdonalds #mcflurry #mcflurrychallenge #macdonalds #icecreamtok #fastfoodlife #fastfood #mcflurries #squishmallows #cinnamontoastcrunch ♬ Joyful - ProSounds

TikTok user @snackolator recently shared some international McFlurry flavors, and our mouths are actuallywatering. The Raspberry Custard Pie McFlurry offered in Australia is seriously what dreams are made of. 

McDonald's in Spain is out here offering up a Donettes McFlurry complete with hot fudge and chocolate donut chunks (*books trip to Spain*) which sounds absolutely to die for. 

Americans would totally go ga-ga over the Dominican Republic's Cinnamon Toast Crunch McFlurry too, we're sure. But, ya know, M&M's and Oreos forever!

@snackolator so many great McFlurry flavors available right now and there are so many more. which of these McFlurrys would you try if McDonald's brought them here... and do you want to see more of what we can't have? #mcflurry #mcflurrychallenge #mcflurryviral #mcflurries #mcdonalds #macdonalds #icecreamtok #fastfoodlife #fastfood #ineedthis ♬ Daylight - David Kushner

The same TikToker shared another video showing even more international McFlurry flavors that tap into an obvious source: candy. Twix, Snickers, Butterfinger, KitKat ... it makes sense right? Apparently, if you ask the powers that be at McDonald's in the U.S. the only candy worthwhile is overly hard, stick-to-your-teeth M&Ms. 

Here we thought we'd never be those travelers who ordered McDonald's while abroad, but it might be our only shot at a noteworthy McFlurry! In the meantime, we may just resort to ordering an apple pie McFlurry from McDonald's secret menu.

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