Hyundai Evolve+ subscription


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Hyundai is rolling out a car subscription service for drivers who need a car only temporarily. The automaker's Evolve+ program also caters to drivers who are curious about electric vehicles and want to give an EV a tryout before making the switch.

For snowbirds who travel south during the winter months, the subscription service might sound like a viable alternative to either racking up thousands of miles on a car or paying to have it shipped, but Evolve+ isn't cheap. Drivers can expect to pay at least $700 a month for a subscription, so if they spend a couple of months out of state, it's likely going to cost more than hauling charges. Likewise, drivers who find themselves in need of a vehicle only occasionally might be better off using a car-sharing service like ZipCar.

For drivers considering making the switch to an EV from a gas-powered vehicle, the cost of Hyundai's plan might be worth it. But be prepared to figure out on your own how to keep it charged. The Evolve+ program doesn't include installation of a home charger, how most EV owners charge their cars, or access to a public charging station.

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Interested motorists can reserve a Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV for $899 a month or a Kona Electric for $699. The subscription price includes maintenance, insurance, and 1,000 miles of driving. Customers can cancel the open-ended plan at any time. But program availability is limited to only eight dealerships in six states.

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