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Music is cheaper than ever. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for individual tracks or CDs, consumers can access tens of millions of songs for $10 a month from a company like Spotify. But it gets even cheaper than that ... if you're willing to tell a few white lies.

How To Get Spotify Premium for as Low as $3 a Month

The trick is to find six friends, acquaintances, or family members and sign up for Spotify Premium Family, which unlocks unlimited streaming for all six members for just $16 a month. Assuming everyone pays up on Venmo, that comes to around $2.66 per month for each member. Of course, this also works with fewer people, though you’ll maximize your savings if you fill all six slots.

While this technically isn’t allowed — Spotify says that all six members need to live at the same address — the company doesn’t actually track your location, according to its website.

In other words, all you have to do is lie, put down the same address, and claim that you’re family members. Users have confirmed that this works on Reddit, and I know people who’ve already done this for years.

Whether you’re already a Premium subscriber or have a free account, Spotify has step-by-step instructions on how to set up a family group on its website.

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Other Ways to Save Money on Spotify Premium

Spotify offers a few other ways to save on your bill:

  • Spotify Premium Duo:With the Duo plan, two people can sign up for premium for $13, which is $6.50 per person per month.

  • Spotify Premium Student: Students can sign up for Spotify Premium Student and Hulu for $5 a month. Given that Spotify verifies your student status using a service called SheerID, you won’t be able to sign up for this unless you’re really in college.

The Bottom Line

Unless you prefer another music service or truly don’t have friends or family with whom you can split the bill, you shouldn’t pay full price for Spotify. And if you have ethical qualms with cutting a few corners to save a few bucks, don’t feel too bad. Spotify does the same thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Spotify Premium Family?

Spotify Premium Family costs $16 a month. Since up to six people can sign up for this plan, you can get your monthly fee down to as low as $2.66.

How do I get cheap Spotify Premium?

You can get Spotify Premium for cheap (or free) by finding a bundle (like Walmart+ offers) or signing up for Spotify Premium Family, Spotify Premium Duo, or Spotify Premium Student.

How do I get free Spotify Premium?

You can get Spotify Premium for free through a variety of promotions. For example: New customers who sign up with PayPal can get the service for free for three months, while Walmart+ subscribers get six months free.

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