Redditors Riff on The Fact That Housing Is Overpriced and Wages Are Too Low

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Meme of Spongebob Squarepants

Even Suffering Redditors Can Be Funny

A recent post on the subreddit r/WorkReform by u/LiveBeyondYourMemes said simply, "We can all agree that housing is overpriced and wages are too low" above a meme of Spongebob Squarepants holding signs of the median home prices in 2009 and 2023 ($185,200 vs. $436,800) and the unchanging minimum wage (yes, it's still $7.25). 

The post inspired other Redditors to flex their admittedly angry funny bones in response. Here are some of the best we found.

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It's Not the Ticket Prices, Stupid

Redditor u/DarkKerrigor pointed out that the obvious problem of high-priced housing isn't getting the focus by some clueless groups: "Business owners at concerts: "Millennials are killing our business by not purchasing $18 beers after having to buy scalped and substantially overpriced tickets thanks to Ticketmaster."

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No Kids Allowed (or Wanted)

After Redditor u/whatsaphoto pointed out colleges will see a huge drop in the number of applications once the elder Millennial trend of not having children kicks in, they explained the trend wasn't one they were sad to see: "Frankly, I'm here for it, and will be eagerly watching the tuition bubble burst with all the vigor and aggression of a dying star."

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Childfree By Choice

As far as being childless, plenty of Redditors saw an opportunity to joke about their childfree "choice." Redditor u/GreenElvisMartini quipped, "My not having children is not a choice! I was born childless!"

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Family Unplanning

The birth rate downward spiral has to stop, right? Maybe. Redditor u/CwazyCanuck helpfully pointed out, "Soon enough people will start having babies again because they can’t afford condoms."

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