Horrendous And Inexcusable Holiday Bonuses People Received



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Times Are Especially Tough Out There.

There are unfortunately some truly maniacal bosses out there that will not only even consider giving employees entirely justifiable and well-earned bonuses, but there are some bosses that will seemingly do the opposite of giving their employees holiday bonuses. 

So, you can already imagine what this AskReddit-inspired piece includes in terms of some absolutely disastrous and wholeheartedly failed "attempts" at giving out bonuses. 


When They Mask Your Paycheck As A Holiday Bonus.

Oh boy, we're starting things off with a bang, but Redditor u/Illustrious-Gas-9766 writes, "I worked at a company and the owner walked around during the Christmas party and gave people their paychecks in a fancy envelope. That way clients would be thinking that the employees were getting bonuses." 

Now if that isn't just sick and twisted in terms of pure toxic manipulation, I don't know what is.

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When They Expect You To "Speak Up" About Wanting A Bonus.

It sounds like this employee's boss was wildly determined to keep things as unreasonable as humanly possible. They met their employee's decision to part ways after not receiving a rightful holiday bonus, with disappointment. 

Clearly, someone needed a serious wakeup call. Redditor u/Wellthatwasjusts*** writes, "I'd say nothing. I worked for a smaller business that did profit sharing, had a banner year and gave out a minimum of $500 gift cards to even new employees. I was skipped. I was told it was an accident and that someone just miscounted. I had been there three years at that point and put in some stupid hours, esp after going salary. I wasn't depending on the bonus but it was a real kick in the teeth. It made me feel less than and I started looking at leaving after that because they never made it right and I was one of three people excluded. When I put in notice to leave, my boss knew because he said. "This is about the Christmas bonus, isn't it? If it was that important to you, you should have spoken up." I did... I expressed my disappointment. He said.."I just thought you were venting. I didn't think you'd actually leave over this. I can't express to you how disappointed I am that you would leave us right now over some gift cards at Christmas. He never got the point."

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When They Make A Donation In Your Name To Charity, And It's Really For Them.

Wow, the audacity has achieved new nauseatting heights with this failed holiday bonus mess of a situation. Redditor u/justpracticing writes, "I got a letter from corporate letting me know that they had made a donation in my name to a charity. Specifically, to themselves (I work for a non-profit)."

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When They Literally Downsize Your Holiday Bonus.

You know that the business has to be struggling when you find yourself confronting the ugly reality that is a bag of miniature-sized treats. Redditor u/didyoubutterthepan writes, "Last year our school gave teachers a plastic bag with: a mini candy candy, a mini hand sanitizer and a single tea bag."

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When The Boss Treats Themselves And You Get Treated To A Cup Of Coffee.

Yeah, the whole Starbucks gift card as a holiday gift idea just isn't as efficient as it used to be. There used to be a day when $5 to Starbucks might've gotten you somewhere, but nowadays, that's just about a cup of coffee. 

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