screenshot of TikTok showing lackluster thanksgiving package from employer

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Companies have been giving employees turkeys for Thanksgiving since the dawn of time. Mr. Slate probably gave Fred Flinstone a turkey each year to take home to Wilma on Thanksgiving. Look it up. 

Okay, so we're exaggerating, but tons of companies gift their employees with turkeys for Thanksgiving each year, and the employees of those companies might come to rely on (or at the very least, expect) that gift. To suddenly switch things up without warning is the perfect fuel for a viral TikTok and internet uproar! 

screenshot of tiktok showing lackluster thanksgiving bonusPhoto credit: trayc01 / TikTok

TikTok user @trayc01 posted a now-viral video to her account showing what she got in place of a Turkey from her employer this year. She made sure to hide the company's name and logo on the box beneath the goodies, but take the blue and gold packaging you can still get a glimpse of for what it's worth (we're not naming names). 

Instead of getting the same turkey she gets every year from the "billion-dollar" company she works for, the TikToker said she received what the employer must deem Thanksgiving dinner fixings ... for one ... college student? A box of Kraft macaroni and cheese — the audacity! — along with one lone can of corn, a single can of green beans (not even the French cut ones that are the superior choice), one can of cream of mushroom soup, one can of jellied cranberry sauce, one box of Stovetop stuffing, a bundt cake (which we weren't shown, probably because it would reveal the company's logo and name to open the box), two packets of hot cocoa mix, and a few pieces of chocolate candy. 

Get your own damn turkey!

screenshot of tiktok showing lackluster thanksgiving bonusPhoto credit: trayc01 / TikTok

The company might have skimped on supplying the crispy fried onions to complete the green bean casserole fixings, but they did opt for the turkey-flavored stovetop, which was such a nice touch, obviously. 

screenshot of tiktok showing lackluster thanksgiving bonusPhoto credit: trayc01 / TikTok

Still, our absolute favorite addition to this Thanksgiving kit is the two Rolos and one miniature KitKat. As one commenter put it, "Someone said, “what this needs is a pair of ROLOS, otherwise it just looks like we don’t care.” Another was baffled by the addition of the hot cocoa commenting, "The two Swiss Miss envelopes would have put me over the edge. Like they had to open a box and select TWO. Triflin' as hell." Interesting perspective. Can't say we don't see your point. 

Other commenters were quick to defend the company and call the TikToker out for complaining. She posted a follow-up video sharing that she donated the food to her local food bank and got her turkey from Popeyes as she does every year. She went on to explain that the point of her video was that some other employees have come to rely on their turkey bonus and would have preferred that to the box of pantry fixings that don't amount to much when you're feeding an entire family. Personally, we're still laughing about the pair of Rolos. 


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